TPPC is available to collaborate with researchers from associated universities to develop pertinent classroom instruction, workshops, and instructional videos designed to teach TxDOT engineers, municipalities, counties, and private firms how to implement new techniques in pavement preservation into practice. University research agencies are committed to the education of undergraduate and graduate students as well as the rapid dissemination and implementation of research findings.

Some of the specific benefits of collaboration include:

  • Assistance in solving difficult pavement problems

  • Access to a network of universities with highly specialized experts and equipment

  • Documentation for developing standardized procedures for pavement forensic investigations

  • Specialized training and field guidelines for engineering and field personnel

  • Taking an active role in advancing pavement forensics

  • Leadership in developing a paradigm for a national pavement forensics database

Read about our recent Hot-In-Place Recycling Workshop.


Read about our collaboration with local High School students.

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