Cindy Estakhri, P.E.

Cindy Estakhri is manager of the Recyclable Materials program at Texas Transportation Institute.  Most of her experience at TTI over the past twenty-two years has been directly related to flexible pavement research. She recently completed NCHRP Project No. 20-7(177) in which she produced a compilation of available information on detectable warnings with regard to maintenance and durability.  Her research efforts have produced new test procedures and equipment, a seal coat design method, design procedures for maintenance mixes, guidelines  and instructional videos on the use of RAP in routine maintenance activities, an inspectors training manual for construction of seal coats, design guidelines for asphalt-rubber hot mix asphalt concrete.  She has performed research on the longitudinal joint density of HMAC, produced training course materials and taught workshops on how to achieve longitudinal joint density.  Along with University of El Paso, she developed a manual and training class for inspectors of embankment and flexible base construction. She has evaluated the performance of NOVACHIP, performance of asphalt rubber interlayers, the durability of surface treatments as the wearing course placed on fly ash bases, and the effects of RAP variability on variability of HMAC.

Sponsors of her research include the Texas DOT, National Cooperative Highway Research Program, Department of Energy, Washington State DOT, Minnesota DOT, CalTrans, International Center for Aggregates Research, and Southwest University Transportation Center.

Estakhri has served as a member of an NCHRP research panel, a member of TRB Committee A2FO2, Committee on Flexible Pavement Construction, and TRB Committee A2DO3, Committee on Characteristics of Bituminous Pavement Materials to Meet Surface Requirements. She has also been a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Society for Testing Materials.  She has served for two terms on Texas A&M University’s Council of Principal Investigators as well as the TTI Awards Committee and TTI’s continuous improvement teams.

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