Investigators from the Colleges of Natural Sciences, Liberal Arts and Pharmacy explore alcohol and drug actions at the molecular, electrophysiological and behavioral levels. Interdisciplinary collaborations allow the development of new tools and research approaches not possible in any one laboratory.


Adam Gordon (Marinelli Lab) and Matthew Pomrenze (Messing Lab) received Graduate Research Fellowships from the National Science Foundation, announced March 31, 2015. The awards support graduate students who show "potential for significant achievement in science and engineering." Only 2,000 fellowships were awarded from a nationwide applicant pool of 16,500. The GRF provides three years of financial support (a $34,000 annual stipend and $12,000 educational allowance).

Upcoming Events

  • APR 20 - Neuro Seminar
  • 3:00p, NHB 1.720
  • Eric Klann, Ph.D.
  • New York University
  • APR 22 - WCAAR Seminar
  • 9:00a, MBB 1.210
  • Boris Zemelman, Ph.D.
  • Dept. of Neuroscience
  • APR 27 - Neuro Seminar
  • 3:00p, NHB 1.720
  • Markus Meister, Ph.D.
  • California Institute of Technology