Investigators from the Colleges of Natural Sciences, Liberal Arts and Pharmacy explore alcohol and drug actions at the molecular, electrophysiological and behavioral levels. Interdisciplinary collaborations allow the development of new tools and research approaches not possible in any one laboratory.


Dr. Robert O. Messing, a nationally recognized addiction science researcher, recently joined the university as vice provost for biomedical sciences to help develop the new medical school. Read the press release from the Office of the President. Dr. Messing has also joined the faculty as the Henry M. Burlage Centennial Endowed Professor in Pharmacy and the Waggoner Center as associate director.

Upcoming Events

  • NOV 19 - WCAAR Seminar
  • 9:00a, MBB 1.210
  • Luisa Scott, Ph.D.
  • Pierce-Shimomura Lab
  • DEC 3 - WCAAR Seminar
  • 9:00a, MBB 1.210
  • Gonzales Lab
  • DEC 10 - WCAAR Seminar
  • 9:00a, MBB 1.210
  • Mihic Lab