Investigators from the Colleges of Natural Sciences, Liberal Arts and Pharmacy explore alcohol and drug actions at the molecular, electrophysiological and behavioral levels. Interdisciplinary collaborations allow the development of new tools and research approaches not possible in any one laboratory.


The university’s new HornRaiser campaigns have launched! They include a project by Professor Jon Pierce-Shimomura: Supermouse! The Mutant Mouse that Cannot Get Drunk. Funds raised will be used to engineer a mutant mouse that will help unlock the molecular mechanisms involved in intoxication and withdrawal – key findings that may lead to a new and more effective alcohol treatment. Check out the page to learn more, share and give!

Upcoming Events

  • NOV 18 - WCAAR Seminar
  • 9:00a, MBB 1.210
  • Erik Lindhal, Ph.D.
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • and Stockholm University
  • NOV 18 - Dissertation Defense
  • 11:30a, NHB 1.720
  • Claire Stelly
  • Morikawa Lab
  • NOV 19 - Dissertation Defense
  • 4:00p, SEA 4.244
  • John Valenta
  • Gonzales Lab