Postdoctoral Fellows

Candidates for postdoctoral positions at The University of Texas at Austin apply directly to sponsoring faculty members with available openings. Successful applicants will either be appointed to the title of Postdoctoral Fellow or assigned to a training grant for a limited time period.

Postdoc Association

The School of Biological Sciences at UT Austin sponsors a postdoc association, which fosters research, funding, and networking opportunities. Please see the SBS Postdoc Association web site for further information.


Postdoctoral fellows working with Waggoner Center faculty are encouraged to apply for federally-funded fellowships. Please visit the Office of Graduate Studies postdoctoral fellows page for additional resources.

Alcohol Training Grant

Faculty recruit postdoctoral candidates for the Alcohol Training Grant when openings occur. Recipients may be US

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citizens or permanent residents. Postdoctoral stipends vary according to NIH scale. Administered by the College of Pharmacy. Please see the training grant web page for more information.


Postdoctoral fellows emloyed by the Universtiy (those individuals appointed to the Administrative and Professional title of Postdoctoral Fellow) will be entitled to all employee benefits authorized by the state legislature. Full information on available University services and resorces will be presented at the new Employee Welcome and

Orientation offered by Human Resource Services. Please see the HRS site for detailed information.

Postdocs holding fellowship or training grant positions receive supplements to purchase health insurance.


Most international scholars conducting postdoctoral research at The University of Texas at Austin are J-1 Exchange Visitors on Form DS-2019. Please refer to the International Office for information concerning the J-1 application process.