Abstracts - Posters

First Annual Waggoner Center Advance - March 22, 2013

1 | A Selective Role for Lmo4 in Cue-Reward Learning
R Maiya and U Heberlein
2 | Effect of Cafeteria Diet Feeding on VTA Dopamine Neurons
L Hendrickson and H Morikawa
3 | Effect of Chronic Social Stress on Calcium Signaling in VTA DA Neurons
C Stelly and H Morikawa
4 | Alcohol induces Dopamine-dependent Changes in Behavioral State during Intoxication in C. elegans
S Topper, L Young, S Aguilar, and J Pierce-Shimomura
5 | Nicotine Decreases Ethanol-induced Dopamine Signaling and Increases Self-administration via Stress Hormones
AM Thomas, WM Doyon, Y Dong, A Ostroumov, TA Zhang, and JA Dani
6 | μ-opioid Receptors in the Stimulation of Mesolimbic Dopamine Activity by Ethanol and Morphine: A Delayed Effect of Ethanol
JP Valenta, MO Job, JL Hunter, AJ Sohn, JK Lee, RM Scaduto, NZ Ang, RA Mangieri, CJ Schier, EC Howard, RA Gonzales
7 | L-type Calcium Channels in the Ventral Tegmental Area: A Critical Contribution to Cocaine-associated Contextual Memory
M Degoulet, KC Ahn, and H Morikawa
8 | A Role for PPAR Agonists in Alcohol Consumption
LB Ferguson, YA Blednov, and RA Harris
9 | Mutations Disrupting PI3K Signaling act as Dominant Enhancers of Ethanol Teratogenicity
N McCarthy, L Wetherill, CB Lovely, ME Swartz, TM Foroud, and JK Eberhart
10 | α5-containing Nicotinic Receptors affect the Manifestations of Alcohol Withdrawal
E Perez, Y Teng, and M De Biasi
11 | Isolation and Characterization of an Ethanol-sensitive Zebrafish Mutant
T Henegar, CB Lovely, and JK Eberhart
12 | Gene Expression in Brain and Liver produced by Three Different Regimens of Alcohol Consumption in Mice: Comparison with Immune Activation
EA Osterndorff-Kahanek, I Ponomarev, YA Blednov, and RA Harris
13 | Inhibition of IKKβ Reduces Ethanol Consumption in C57BL/6J Mice
JM Truitt, YA Blednov, J Benavidez, M Black, O Ponomareva, J Law, AW Lasek, RD Mayfield, RA Harris
14 | A Zebrafish "Shelf Screen" Identifies Multiple Gene-Ethanol Interactions
DK Dowd, CB Lovely, and JK Eberhart
15 | Integrative Analysis of Brain microRNA Expression Profiling and Global Proteomics in a Mouse Model of Alcohol Dependence
G Gorini, YO Nunez, AJ Roberts, and RD Mayfield
16 | bmpR1ba Interacts with Ethanol-perturbing Embryonic Jaw Development in Zebrafish
K Ho, CB Lovely, and JK Eberhart
17 | The Toll Signaling Pathway Affects Alcohol Responses in Drosophila
B Troutwine, A Ghezzi, and N Atkinson
18 | Synaptoneurosome mRNA and microRNA: Regulation by Chronic Alcohol Consumption
D Most, RD Mayfield, YA Blednov, and RA Harris
19 | Early Alcohol Use Initiation and Drunk Driving: Evidence for Common Genetic Etiology
PD Quinn and KP Harden
20 | Propofol and Structurally Related Compounds: Virtually Screened in GLIC, Tested on GABA(A | Receptors
M Cullins, C Borghese, US Lee, SA Heusser, RJ Howard, and RA Harris
21 | Seeking the Structural Basis for Alcohol Inhibition of a Bacterial Ligand-gated Ion Channel
US Lee, RJ Howard, and RA Harris
22 | Negative Affect Drives Ethanol Intake during Drinking-in-the-dark (DID | Sessions in P-rats
CL Duvauchelle, N Thakore, J Reno, R Gonzales, T Schallert, M Rotko, E Kusey, J Krieger, J Yang, A Magro, O Durrani, I Sheikh, R Cassidy, K Marwaha, A Cebrelli
23 | GABA(A | Receptor Transmembrane Amino Acids Critical for Alcohol Action: Relative Location and Alcohol Binding Site Tested through Disulfide Crosslinking
C Borghese, JA Hicks, DJ Lapid, JR Trudell, RA Harris
24 | Alcohol Seeking by Long-Evans Rats is Differentially Sensitive to a Change in the Instrumental Contingency after Limited Training
RU Cofresí, RA Mangieri, and RA Gonzales
25 | Parental Socioeconomic Status and Frequency of Alcohol Intoxication in Young Adults: Evidence for Gene x Environment Interaction
M Carlson, N Kretsch, and KP Harden
26 | Positive Rewarding Effects of Experimenter-administered Cocaine is Suppressed by Cocaine Infusion Predictability
JM Reno, N Thakore, E Maier, M Abdalla, A Magro, M Pulianda, S Lee, T Schallert, C Duvauchelle
27 | Operant Ethanol Self-administration in Adolescent and Adult Male Long-Evans Rats
JM Doherty and RA Gonzales