Our Departments

To learn more about safety and security efforts on campus, read about our departments below or follow the link to each department’s website.

Emergency Preparedness

emergency operations center

The Office of Emergency Preparedness implements programs and projects in emergency and disaster planning, training, mitigation, response, and recovery. The mission of the office of Emergency Preparedness is to create a comprehensive emergency management program for the university in order to save lives, protect property, promote continuity of operations, and reduce the overall effects of large-scale disasters. In addition to planning for the entire campus, the office works with individual departments to develop unit-based emergency plans. The office also acts as the primary liaison between the university and outside government emergency management agencies.

Environmental Health and Safety

lab inspection and cleanout

The Environmental Health and Safety department makes the university safer by providing health and safety oversight, and eliminating environmental, chemical, biological and radiological hazards on campus. The department provides supportive technical consultation, training, investigation, and inspection to ensure compliance with guidelines set forth by federal, state and local laws and regulations. Its primary functions are to assist the university community in meeting health and safety responsibilities, to prevent or reduce accidents and to identify and eliminate environmental hazards and dangerous conditions. Environmental Health and Safety’s mission is to promote safe and compliant facilities and ensure environmental quality for the university community.

Fire Prevention Services

inspection of a fire extingusher

The mission of the Fire Prevention Services office is to protect lives and property on the university campus by working in conjunction with state and municipal fire protection agencies, and to collaborate with these agencies in the prevention of fire and the advancement of fire safety education programs. Fire Prevention Services monitors all university buildings for compliance with local and state requirements, establishes pre-incident plans for campus facilities, and works closely with the community to perform the inspections and drills necessary to lower the risk and potential repercussions of fire on campus. The office also teams with the Austin Fire Department to ensure building construction and renovation projects address the needs of emergency responders.

Parking and Transportation Services

parking staff

The Parking and Transportation Services department supervises traffic, transportation and parking on the university campus. The department manages, maintains, and plans for campus parking lots, parking garages and shuttle service. Parking and Transportation Services also administers the collection of enforcement charges for parking and traffic violations, processes citation and violation appeals, and manages all financial aspects of parking and transportation on campus. The department’s mission is to be a national leader in creating the most efficient and respected campus-wide parking, transportation, and service program.

The University of Texas at Austin Police Department

k-9 unit

The University of Texas at Austin Police Department creates a safe and secure environment on campus by enforcing laws and actively preventing crime. UTPD has the same authority and responsibilities as most municipal police organizations, and has challenges that are unique to a large, nationally recognized university community. The department’s mission is to protect the university through professional policing and through leadership of community partnerships, while fostering the educational mission of the university.