Call Central Stores ( 471-1221 ) and get your "work order number" before hand. The warehouse has the forms you need to fill out for the supplies you need. Tell the clerk what you need and they fill out the form for you.

Cost of supplies:

N-95 Mask $13.32 bx 10 mask to a box

Nitrile gloves $6.33 bx -OR-

Nitrile gloves $63.30 cs. 10bx to a case

FBI Posters are available at the Campus Supply store new to the Post Office for Free, or from the EH&S web(Download Adobe Acrobat Reader).

If you have any questions, please contact EH&S at 471-3511.

19 November, 2008
304 E. 24th St. SER 202 (C2600) Austin, TX 78712
(512) 471-3511 Fax (512) 471-6918