Environmental Health and Safety

Construction Projects

Wastewater Pretreatment

Anytime that the design, construction, installation, modification, or removal of a wastewater pre -treatment device is considered, EHS must be contacted in accordance with UT Austin EHS Compliance Guideline No. 2003-01. Examples of pre-treatment devices include grease traps for food preparation areas, grit traps for vehicle wash areas, oil-water separators, and acid neutralization tanks or systems.

Construction Site Procedures

As a required part of the University's U.S. EPA approved Stormwater Management Program and as University policy all contractors on all construction sites are required to follow the Construction Site Procedures for Contractors. Additionally, landscapers are required to follow the Procedures for Landscape Contractors.

Planned discharges from construction sites are generally prohibited at the University. In some situations discharges may be allowed to the stormwater or the sanitary sewer system. In all cases, such proposed discharges require submittal in advance, of a Sanitary Sewer and Stormwater Discharge Request. Discharge requests must be signed and submitted by the appropriate UT Austin or UT System Project Manager or their authorized staff representative.

Construction Standards

To facilitate compliance in a number of areas, EHS developed all or part of certain Design and Construction standards for use with both UT Austin and UT System projects on all UT campuses.