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Laboratory Safety

Emergency Instructions for Laboratories (PDF)


EHS offers a range of services that help keep laboratories safe on campus.

EHS Assistant is live! PIs and lab personnel can now manage registration, lab inspections, and chemical inventory online.

no pants no shoes no science posterDownload the ‘No pants, no shoes, no science’ poster (PDF)

personal protective equipment posterDownload the ‘Personal Protective Equipment’ poster (PDF)

GHS posterDownload the GHS poster (PDF)

Cryogens posterDownload the Cryogens poster (PDF)

Poster cryogens on freight elevator onlyDownload the Cryogens poster (PDF)

hrdrofluoric acid safety posterDownload the Hydrofluoric Acid Safety poster (PDF)

waste container limit posterDownload the ‘Chemical Waste Limit’ poster (PDF)

Safety glasses posterDownload the Eye Protection poster (PDF)

lavatory Safety posterDownload the Lavatory Safety poster (PDF)

Green laboratory program logoGreen Laboratory Program

Laboratories are the largest consumer of utilities and resources on campus. They also generate a significant amount of waste, both hazardous and non-hazardous. The Office of Sustainability in collaboration with Environmental Health and Safety with support from the Vice Presidents for Research and University Operations have developed a voluntary program called Green Laboratories. Find out more about the Green Laboratory program here.

Chemical Fume Hood

Refrigerators and Freezers

Laboratory Clean-Outs

EHS performs lab clean-outs when a department has a large number of containers to dispose but does not have the personnel or knowledge to fill out the Request for Disposal forms.

Laboratory Design Plan Review

Design plans for renovation of existing lab space or for construction of new lab buildings are reviewed for adherence to applicable standards and accepted practice.

Name Tag for Compressed Gas Cylinders

EHS can provide a plastic sleeve that holds a Name Tag for compressed gases. Each user can complete and print their own tag by using this template.

Feel free to tag all your compressed gas cylinders, but at a minimum hazardous gases should have an attached tag. Download the tag template (PDF).

Gas cylinder with name tag

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