Environmental Health and Safety

EHS Assistant Laptop / Offsite Login

Step 1: Log on to https://vpn.utexas.edu

Step 2: Enter your EID and password

This will give you web VPN access.

Step 3: Go to http://www.utexas.edu/safety/ehs/lab/ehsassistant/

If this page opens up then everything works. If this page does not open then you need to try downloading the Cisco Systems VPN Client which is available through bevoware: http://www.utexas.edu/its/bevoware/

Click on Downloading and Installing Software. Then scroll down to the section titled Utilities. Cisco Systems VPN is the 8th software option.

Click download and then login with you EID and password.

Try logging into the link given in Step 3 again and see if the page opens. This is what the webpage looks like:

Picture of EHS Assistant login page

If these instructions do not work you will have to remote log in to your desktop to open the page. Please contact TRECS for further assistance.