Environmental Health and Safety

Laboratory Safety Manual - 2011

I. Responbilities


Lab workers conducting chemical reactions, using chemicals, or performing laboratory procedures are required to have proper training in the safe handling and disposal of all materials they use. Each individual is responsible for conducting activities in a safe manner that complies with the applicable requirements of state and federal law as well as with university policies and procedures described in this manual. Oversight responsibility for ensuring that laboratory activities conform to prescribed standards is assigned as follows:


The President of the University

The President has ultimate responsibility for laboratory safety within the institution.

Environmental Health and Safety

Personnel of the University

Personnel are responsible for following the procedures and faithfully executing the policies and responsibilities prescribed by this manual. Failure to do so is a serious breach of university policy and subject to disciplinary action that may include termination of employment at the university. If a lab is not in compliance with the safe operating procedures as outlined in this manual, EHS has the authority to close the lab until violations are corrected. Approval of the Dean is not required.

Facility Services

Facility Services maintains facilities and facility-related safety systems to assure continuous operation of laboratories.

Research Safety Advisory Committee (RSAC)

The RSAC is charged to act in an advisory and consultative capacity regarding the administration, implementation and coordination of policies and procedures for safety and environmental health in university research activities. The functions of this committee complement but do not overlap the responsibilities of the Institutional Biosafety Committee and the Radiation Safety Committee. Areas of consideration include regulatory compliance, training, inspections, hazardous materials management, waste minimization, emergency response, signage, and chemical/biological safety.



Department Chairs and Directors

Laboratory Safety Coordinators

Principal Investigators and Laboratory Supervisors