Environmental Health and Safety

MSDS and Chemical Information

Material Safety Data Sheets are extremely important in the safe handling of hazardous substances. EHS recommends these MSDS databases:

MSDSXchange.com — search by chemical name or manufacturer.
Search directions:

To search more specifically by chemical name, product code, manufacturer MSDS number, or CAS number click “Detailed Search” located in the Xchange Database box.

Alternatively, search for manufacturer through the “Manufacturer’s Website” search box.

University of Akron — search by chemical name or CAS number (most chemical structures are included)
Search directions:

Airgas MSDS for gases — For pure gases, click on the pdf in the right column for the chosen MSDS. Gases are listed in alphabetical order. To search for mixed gases or hardgoods select this option shown above the table.

In addition, review the MSDS Glossary of Terms for help in understanding common terminology found on MSDS.