Environmental Health and Safety

MSDS Glossary

Gram is a metric unit of weight. One U.S. ounce is about 28.4 grams.
General Exhaust
A system for exhausting air containing contaminants from a general work area. Also see Local Exhaust.
Generic Name
A designation or identification used to identify a chemical by other than its chemical name (e.g., code name, code number, trade name, brand name).
The development of the fetus in the uterus from conception to birth; pregnancy.
Grams per kilogram is an expression of dose used in oral and dermal toxicology testing to denote grams of a substance dosed per kilogram of animal body weight. Also see "kg" (kilogram).
The procedure used to carry an electrical charge to ground through a conductive path. A typical ground may be connected directly to a conductive water pipe or to a grounding bus and ground rod. See Bonding.

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