About Emergency Preparedness

The office of Emergency Preparedness implements programs and projects in emergency and disaster planning, training, mitigation, response, and recovery. The mission of the office of Emergency Preparedness is to create a comprehensive emergency management program for the university in order to save lives, protect property, promote continuity of operations, and reduce the overall effects of large-scale disasters. In addition to planning for the entire campus, the office works with individual departments to develop unit-based emergency plans. The office also acts as the primary liaison between the university and outside government emergency management agencies.


It is the vision of the Office of Emergency Preparedness to be the nationally recognized leader in the field of emergency management, supporting the university's mission of education, research and public service.


It is the mission of the Office of Emergency Preparedness to develop, coordinate, and sustain the university's state of readiness through an integrated application of emergency management systems.

Core Values

Trust — To provide a safe, secure and confident community.

Leadership — To manage adversity.

Communication — To openly communicate with those who rely on us, those on whom we rely,and the public we serve.

Innovation — To gain knowledge by exploring emergency management practices, technology and integration.

Community — To be in and of the community; to be good neighbors.

Civility — To treat all of our customers with respect and courtesy.


head shot of David David O. Cronk, MS, CEM

Director of Emergency Preparedness

David joined the university in 2001 and brings with him the education and experience of emergency management, law enforcement, public health, safety consulting, adult education and state OSHA field service. Upon joining the university, Mr. Cronk became immediately involved in university emergency preparedness planning. David became the university’s director of Emergency Preparedness in 2006 and now holds the designation of Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) awarded by the International Association of Emergency Managers.

David’s primary responsibility as the director of Emergency Preparedness is to develop, implement and maintain the university’s state of readiness through emergency planning, technology integration, community education, public outreach and sustained partnership building. David is responsible for the university’s emergency plan and associated annexes. David facilitates individual building preparedness planning, team building and regular preparedness exercises.

David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Environmental Health Management from Ferris State University, and a Master of Science degree in Occupational Health from the Medical University of Toledo. David is a designated Certified Emergency Manager and is the university’s designated representative for the City of Austin/Travis County Department of Homeland Security and Office of Emergency Management partnerships.


head shot of MarkMark Smyth

Sr. Program Specialist

Mark became a proud member of the UT community in 2002. He spent his first 10 years as a technical specialist with the university’s Fleet Operations, where he was recognized for his customer service and his technical & organizational skills.

In 2012, Mark joined the Emergency Preparedness team. His responsibilities include maintaining the Building Manager database and developing & maintaining a comprehensive inventory tracking system for the Building Managers’ emergency pagers as well as coordinating the Building Managers meetings. Mark also handles the procurement and distribution of AED replacement pads and batteries, ensures timely payment to vendors, and tracks the AED inventory throughout campus.

Mark’s passion and commitment has led him to be an active member of the UT community. He has served on numerous internal committees, was an enthusiastic representative on Staff Council where he also served as the elected Chair, and has represented the university on several statewide committees.


J. Wendy Johnson

Sr. Program Coordinator

Wendy joined the Emergency Preparedness team in 2013 and brings with her, numerous years of experience working within the university environment. She has worked at several major universities, at which she worked extensively in both Student and Academic Affairs. Her experience allows her to contribute a distinctive view of emergency management in the higher education setting.

Wendy’s primary responsibilities as the Senior Program Coordinator of Emergency Preparedness are building plan preparedness development, assisting with the review and update of the university’s emergency plan and associated response annexes, as well regular preparedness exercises.

Wendy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Relations from The University of Oklahoma, and a Master of Public Administration with specializations in Emergency Management and Higher Education Administration degree from The University of Georgia.