Clay T. Shorkey, Ph.D.

Clay T. Shorkey, Ph.D.

Josleen and Frances Lockhart Memorial Professor for Direct Practice in Social Work and Director of Social Work Learning Resource Center

Dr. Shorkey is the senior clinical professor at the School of Social Work and joined the faculty in 1973. His basic teaching, practice and research include generalist practice in social work with emphasis on mental health and chemical dependence. He is one of five Albert Ellis Institute-Trained/Certified Rational Emotive Behavior therapists in Texas, and past Co-chair of Austin/Travis County Substance Abuse Planning Partnership. He provides consultation and program evaluation services to agencies and programs such as Austin Recovery, Salvation Army and Travis County Adult Probation.

Dr. Shorkey is the director of the Social Work Component of the (CSAT) Gulf coast Addiction Technology Transfer Center including presenting training events, website resources and an annual faculty development workshop for social work faculty teaching chemical dependency courses in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Dr. Shorkey is an active participant in the School’s NIDA project and chair of its Community/Consumer Advisory Committee, and Principal Investigator on projects related to spirituality and faith-based chemical dependence treatment.

Dr. Shorkey’s national web site for CD resources includes an indexed bibliography on all articles published related to social work and chemical dependence in the last 50 years, and comprehensive reference material related to CD treatment on diverse population groups, as well as resources related to major social and psychological approaches to chemical dependence treatment.

Dr. Shorkey’s community activity is centered around faith-based treatment programs such as the Salvation Army and the Texas Music Museum in Austin. He is the founder and President of the museum that provides exhibits and programs to the public on the history and culture of Texas music to the Texas scene.

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Professional Interests

Generalist practice in social work with emphasis on mental health and chemical dependence, spirituality and faith-based chemical dependence treatment and culturally competent/relevant services for underserved populations in chemical dependence programs.


  • Ph.D., University of Michigan
  • M.S.W., University of Michigan
  • B.A., University of Michigan

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Faculty Research

Faculty Publications


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