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The School of Social follows all UT travel policies as listed in the Handbook of Business Procedures, Part 11. In addition to that, the School has also implemented the following internal policies.

  • Because the travel line on the budget has been eliminated, the School has very limited funds for travel. We will attempt to support travel to two conferences a year as long as you are presenting an original paper in both trips. You will be required to submit a Faculty Travel Grant (FTG) to help offset the costs of your trips. FTGs give a maximum total of $1,200/year. IMPORTANT: at the time you submit an FTG, you must also submit a TAR (Travel Authorization Request). Without a TAR, your FTG will not be processed!
  • With overnight stay, travelers may be reimbursed for actual meal expenses up to $41 for each full day without receipts regardless of source of funds (state or local).  However, when traveling in the state of Texas, for some small cities the maximum allowed meal reimbursement is $36 for a full day.  You will need to check with your support staff in advance to see if your destination is included in that exception.
  • If travelers go over $41/day and need to be reimbursed for the actual meal costs, then the traveler needs to provide itemized receipts for each meal showing traveler’s expenses only.  Credit card receipts are not acceptable.
  • Reimbursements must be submitted to your support staff no later than 30 days after your return to Austin. Travelers with ongoing personal car trips must submit mileage reimbursements on a monthly basis. After 30 days of travel completion, no reimbursement will be processed.

Useful Links and Forms