Help and Technology Support

IT Support Request

Using this link to send an email to the School’s IT staff helps us track and provide the best service. This email will be received by Egidio, John, and Robert. Someone will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Printers and Toner

Instructions for Toner Replacement
A replacement toner should be located below the printer. If you don’t see a spare, contact Suzanne in the Dean’s Office to order one. When you first get the toner low message or faded printing, remove the toner cartridge and shake it to redistribute the toner.

If the toner needs replacing.

  1. Locate the replacement toner. (A new toner box has been placed with each printer.)
  2. Replace the used toner. (If you don’t know how  contact Suzanne or John)
  3. Put the used cartridge in the protective cover and place it in the box.
  4. Write the printer model, date, and your name on a note and attach it to the box
  5. Return the used cartridge in the box with the note to Suzanne for recycling and reorder.

Failure to follow the procedures for replacement and reordering may result in delays.

Classrooms 2.140, 1.214, and all conference rooms

If you are teaching in one of the classrooms that does not have a console or one of the conference rooms, you will need a laptop or device with a VGA output to use the projection system. Some of these laptops and devices require a adaptor. Follow these instructions for operating the equipment (PDF). Failure to follow the instructions may disable the projector.

Classrooms 2.132, 2.118, 2.112, 2.130, 2.122, 2.116

There are several things to remember that can make the shared experience in the classrooms better for everyone. In addition to your continuing support in keeping the console areas clean; making sure drawers are closed and locked when not in use; and supervising student use, the following reminders may help.

Report problems
Please report any problems you have to me as soon as possible. Sometimes I hear that a problem has persisted for weeks, but no one let me know it was happening. Email is always best so I can track the issue. We have a LAITS checker test all the equipment every morning so that we know that the equipment is working when the day starts.
Save the projectors
Projectors are overheating and lamp replacement is very costly. Please do not turn on the projectors unless necessary. For example, it is not necessary to turn on the projector when you walk into class. You can do all your setup on the monitor and only turn on the projector when it is needed. Cool startup time is less than 30 secs. Turn off the projector when you are done using it, don’t wait for the end of class. The next professor will appreciate it. Also remember that on the touch panel are display buttons. They are called ‘show display’ and ‘blank’ or ‘hide’ display. These turn on and off the projection bulb while keeping the system running, protecting against overheating and extending bulb life. Please, please, please make sure the project is off when you leave your class. We have had several reports from our morning checker that projectors were left on overnight and bulbs are not cheap.
Touch panel issues
If you are having trouble logging into the touch panel, press the clear button two or three times making sure the “**” are clear from the input field. Then enter the code again. If you are still unable to enter the code, clear the input field, as described above, and press the screen firmly along the border to the right of the numbers. This can reset the screen to receive new input.
Monitor issues
A black monitor usually means the screen saver is engaged. Press the mouse button or return key. Also the monitor has a power button in the lower right hand corner, sometimes it gets turned off. If you see the message ‘display is off’ it means the computer is off or needs to be restarted (see ‘Computer issues’ below)
VCR issues
If the VCR is playing audio but not video then the caption machine is off. Caption machines are usually located above the VCR. They have a power button on the front. VCR’s are dying. If you have VHS tapes critical to your teaching, please check with Clay about getting DVD replacements or use LRC equipment to create digital versions.
Computer issues
Sometimes the computer is off. Check to see that the pinhole light, located on the right front of the computer is on. The power button is a “dimple” located in the back right corner above the power cord. Press to turn on. Press and hold for 10 seconds to turn off.
Most computer freezes etc. can be cleared by force quitting the offending application. On the Mac, right click in the application icon on the dock and select force quit. On Windows, right click on the status bar at the bottom and open ‘task manager’.
For most issues like freezes, video signal problems or anything computer related, turning the computer off and on may restore functionality. The computer can be restarted by using the power button. Hold the power button in for ten seconds to turn it off, (notice the light will be off). Wait 10 seconds again and press the power button to turn the computer back on (notice the light will be on).
Getting help
If you are new to using the consoles, please schedule an orientation with me. I can answer your questions and assist you. The LAITS help line is always available at 471-9666, the number is posted in the locked drawer to the right of the keyboard. Also their site at <> has FAQ’s and training videos. We contract with LAITS for a daily checker and help and support services, please use them so we get our money’s worth. In many cases, your students are familiar with the equipment and may be able to assist you when asked, but intimidated to initiate an offer help on their own.
Student/Guest Speaker Laptops
Remember any laptop connected to the console must have a VGA output. While this is standard on most PC laptops, Apple laptops require a special adaptor. Remind presenters ahead of time that they need to bring the adaptor, if using an Apple laptop. It is always a good idea to have a backup plan with an additional copy available on USB drive, Webspace, etc.