DWI Offender Education Program  (2014)


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Principal Investigator:
Jane Maxwell, Ph.D.

Duration: 2005 – Ongoing

The purpose of the DWI Offender Education Program is to prepare DWI educators and their administrative staff to effectively administer and instruct the DWI Offender Education Training Program. This 5-day course addresses the application of basic adult learning theories and instructional skills necessary to deliver the DWI Education training. The training will revolve around demonstration of teaching techniques through a series of instructional activities by the students. Upon successful completion, all attendees will have mastered all aspects of the Texas DWI Offender Education Program curriculum

The DWI Offender Education Program is housed at the UT Addiction Research Institute. For more information about the Addiction Research Institute, its research and training programs, visit www.utexas.edu/research/cswr/nida/.

Texas Department of State Health Services

Keywords: substance abuse