November 2010

Meeting Date: 
November 10, 2010


8:15          Breakfast (Sponsored by ACA)


8:30          Registration Reflection

                  Small group discussion over breakfast in O’s foyer

                  Reflection Questions discussed:

  • Overall, how was this semester’s registration cycle?
  • What were some of the concerns and challenges? Were any of these new for this registration period?
  • How did you handle specific challenges? What solutions were you able to provide to your students in regards to these challenges?
  • Please share some ideas for addressing these concerns and challenges in the future. These ideas may be provided to relevant departments/offices for feedback.
  • What was positive about this registration period, as experienced by you and/or your students?
  • Within your groups, share a challenging situation you faced. Get feedback from others on how you handled it and how you may improve for next time.


9:00        Christa Lopez, Coordinator of Student Emergency Services

Christa shared that she and LaToya Hill staff the Student Emergency Services Office. She encouraged us to invite her to any office or staff meeting to educate more UT staff and students about their services. They offer support to students in crisis (mental, health, trauma, etc.)

Christa encouraged us to call for any concern (small or large). Professors are welcome to call as well. Sometimes students fly under the radar, but at least try to offer support by making a phone call to Christa or LaToya (or call BCAL: 512.232.5050). Christa asked ACA members  in attendance to share reasons why they have called BCAL in the past.

Christa shared that Student Emergency Services are not covered under the same state confidentiality laws as CMHC. Christa also shared that CMHC & UHS charge students $5 per visit. Christa said Student Emergency Services does not provide individual counseling, but instead facilitates an intervention. Christa shared examples of a friend, advisor, and professor who called BCAL out of concern for the well-being of a student.

Christa also explained they are capable of acting on a missing student notification. She will call the police and ask them to visit the student’s home residence. She will also call the student and inform them of her actions. She explained this will usually evoke a response from the student. Christa said UHS, CMHC, and Emergency Services all coordinate their efforts.

Christa discussed their list of counselors, in Austin, that will meet with students on a sliding fee scale. She is able to email this list to any ACA member, upon request. To request this list, email:

Christa explained the CMHC houses a Mind & Body Lab that offers free use of massage chairs to all students. There is also an anxiety research lab students are able to take part in. Abby Black explained this is housed in the Psychology Department and students can email her to participate:

Christa encouraged us to take care of ourselves. It is common for caregivers, like ourselves, to get compassion fatigue. As UT employees, we can utilize the EAP counseling and therapy resources. Most of all, Christa asked us to call for help whenever necessary: Emergency Services, Christa Lopez, BCAL, CMHC, or UTPD.

There were 64 calls in September, which was three times the usual amount. September is also the month in which the campus shooter crisis transpired. Christa explained that a student must share their crisis with someone able to assist or who is able to contact a party capable of assisting, in order to receive any assistance in an emergency situation. If you feel an emergency is severe/sincere, walk the student over and speak to a counselor, Christa, or anyone in Emergency Services.

Unfortunately, with budget constraints, there is no way to hire more Emergency Services staff. LaToya and Christa are looking for grad students interested in helping them. Emergency Services may end up partnering with colleges that the majority of students came from. Ideally, they would like to hire a third staff member.



9:45am  Update on One-Time Drop Exeption (Andi Poag)

  • Andi explained there is no one-time drop exception and it is officially on the books, in the catalog, this way. However, some colleges continued to allow/process a one-time drop, after the university deadline. Currently, Student Deans Committee members are split on supporting or opposing the one-time exception:  50% support and 50% oppose. Andi encouraged ACA members to speak to their Deans about this policy.


9:50        Call for Nominations for NACADA Awards (Wendy Boggs)

  •  Wendy encouraged people to submit NACADA award nominations to her by November 24, 2010.

9:55        Announcements

  • Lovelys Powell announced the FUNdraising Committee is collecting fundraising donations now! You may donate money or candy to him at CBA 2.400.


10:00     Meeting Adjourned



November 24                  Deadline to submit nominations for NACADA Awards

December 8                  ACA Monthly Meeting (8:15-10am)

DATE TBA                   ACA Holiday Party

January 12                  ACA Monthly Meeting (8:15-10am)