March 2011

Meeting Date: 
March 9, 2011

8:30          Welcome             

8:35          Early Academic Warning System

                 Center for Teaching and Learning: Sejal Shah, Mario Guerra, Karron Lewis

                 LAITS Advisors Toolkit: Tim Fackler

Mario and Sejal explained the early academic warning system is a new initiative to inform students of their academic status and connect them to available resources to discuss it: Academic Advisor and Professor. The system will notify students via an email and colored indicator on Blackboard. When they log into Blackboard, they will see their academic status in their courses illustrated through one of these colors: red, yellow, green. Red  reflects a problem or failing status, yellow a concern, and green satisfactory/no concern. This system is in phase 1 and will launch this summer. In the future they may add more risk criteria.

Faculty who choose to use this system will be able to log into Blackboard, filter students by color and send communications to students and/or their advisors.  Students will all see this academic warning system color coating when they log into Blackboard. Sejal and Mario explained they don’t have a comprehensive list of student/advisor assignments and would like one in order to program this into the system.  ACA members explained some colleges have assigned advisors listed in Advisor’s Toolkit, but this is not very accurate.

Some feedback given to Mario and Sejal from ACA membership:

  • They should meet with department faculty advisors and academic advisors to explain and discuss
  • Suggestion to have color coating appear in advisor’s toolkit
  • Suggestion to incorporate absence/failing notification into this system
    • Mario and Sejal explained that a future goal is to incorporate the absence/failing notifications into this system.

Mario and Sejal welcome any and all feedback regarding this system as they are soliciting it from faculty also. They want to make this sytem as useful and practical as possible for all individuals using it. Feedback is welcome now or at any point in the future, just email and/or


9:00        Student Financial Services

              Joe Wilcox, Financial Aid Officer and Scholarship Coordinator

Joe explained some of the major changes to student financial aid funding, as a result of state and University budget status. He began with some updates:

  • Beginning with summer 2012, the FAFSA priority deadline is March 15th. OSFS decided on this date with consideration for the feedback of ACA members.
  • FAFSA completion  Workshops for students (staff welcome to attend to learn): March 7, 24th, and 31st
  • New federal regulations on satisfactory academic progress to take effect in fall 2011
    • OSFS and ACA will need to work together to implement these

He shared some charts and graphs through a powerpoint that illustrated the federal and state financial aid that is already lost and aid that is at risk, depending upon what the legislature decides. Joe explained that it seems students currently in school will not be as affected by the legislature’s decisions. Incoming freshman will be impacted the most. For continuing students, Joe explained the University Budget Council did approve 12 million. Information from powerpoint:

  • 5% aid from funds for all students and 5% for freshman is already lost
  • 31% (101 million) of financial aid for all students is at risk of being cut
  • 66% (35 million) of financial aid for freshman is at risk of being cut
  • March 18th is the earliest date for decisions regarding federal Pell Grants for summer 2011
  • March 17th will begin financial aid offers for fall 2011 and spring 2012 (No state aid included in these offers)
  • Continuing aid for summer 2011 will be awarded in April (these funds come from 2010-2011 budget)
  • Continuing aid for fall 2011/spring 2012 will be delayed until there is more certainty on state aid and designated tuition set-aside
    • Tuition set-aside may not be decided until late spring/early summer, depending upon state legislature. Latest possible date is July 1st, if special session occurs.

Joe explained that student loans will not change in structure. The only change will be in loan interest rates since those are set by the state legislature.


9:20        Academic Service Learning

               Emily Van Duyn, Senate of College Councils

Emily serves on the Academic Enrichment Committee and explained the purpose of this committee is to increase awareness of academic service learning amongst all members of campus. Academic  Service-Learning courses offer an interdisciplinary way to bridge classwork with community experience. Emily explained an example is a rhetoric course on grant writing that connects students to community businesses or non-profits where the students will write a grant on behalf of the business/non-profit. This is not an internship or a volunteer experience. List of available courses currently offered at schools across campus is located here.


9:40        ACA Scholarship Announcement

               Wendy Boggs, Chair for Awards and Recognitions Committee

Wendy announced that ACA will be awarding 4 scholarships this spring:

  • 2 Student Scholarships for $250 each
  • 2 Staff Scholarships for $250 each
  • Scholarship applications are located on our website.
  • Scholarship applications are due April 1st by 5pm.

9:45        Update from Andi Poag, ACA President

Andi explained the One-Time Drop policy proposal is waiting to go to the Education Policy Committee. There was a change proposed to have this drop count towards a student’s 6-drop limit. The committee plans to have the policy in place for the fall semester. The committee has not met this spring, so she believe the next meeting will take place soon.

9:50       Annoucements

  • Andi recognized and congratulated the Vick Advising Award winners!
  • Patty Micks has a new position in the FIG office and her previous position is now open.
  • Theresa Thomas is collecting registration information from everyone, please email her if you have any updates regarding your departments registration procedures or course offerings:
  • ROAD Committee will be sending a survey to ACA membership in the next week
  • ACA Officer Elections will be in May so begin thinking of members you would like to nominate or if you personally have any interest in running for office. Officer position definitions are located on our website.
  • March Madness Potluck will be Friday, March 11 @ noon
  • ACA spring scholarship fundraiser has begun. You may donate $1 to ACA and as a thank you, the FUNdraising committee will send a note and candy bag to a colleague on campus. Contact Lovelys Powell or Angie Martinez for questions or to submit donations. *Candy donations welcome!
  • School of Nursing will open 3 courses to all students over the summer

10:00     Meeting Adjourned

Presentations and handouts posted to the ACA website:


March 11             March Madness Potluck Lunch (12 noon, CBA 3.304)

April 1                  Deadline to submit ACA Scholarship Application

April 6                  ACA Monthly Meeting (8:15 – 10:00am, SSB Glenn Maloney Room)

May 10                ACA Monthly Meeting (1-3:00 pm, WEL 3.502) ***UPDATED***