June 2011

Meeting Date: 
June 16, 2011

8:15   Breakfast & Social Time (Sponsored by Cockrell School of Engineering – Thank you!)

8:30   Welcome, from the Cockrell School of Engineering

8:35   Orientation Updates and Announcements

During future registration access periods, on Day 3 more signage and direction for students with their own laptops will be in place to direct students to the CBA 4th floor Reliant Reading Room.

8:45    Jamie Justus, Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC)

Jamie talked about each of the following topics and answered various questions from the membership throughout her presentation.

  1. Taking care of ourselves in stressful times
  • Self-Care handout was distributed
  • We need “fire & water” elements to exercise and explore our physical, mental, and emotional capabilities. Fire elements stir up our feelings and give us energy. Water elements calm us and create a cool, collected demeanor.
  1. Relaxation Exercise
  • After leading the membership through breathing exercises, Jamie explained the importance of finding physical support through joyful exercise. People find enjoyment in various activities: going to the gym, walking, dancing, etc.
  • Necessary for us to find mental support through someone or some place with social engagement, outside of our work. There is a lot expected of us and we must guard ourselves against self-inflicted mental mutilation.
  • Learn to develop a pattern of self-care. Our environment affects what self-care we are able to administer.
  1. Working with Challenging Students
  2. CMHC services for Students
  • $5 charge per appointment
  • 24-hour phone counseling available
  • Some couples counselors available
  • Mind/Body lab open 8am-4pm
  • Online screening for students on CMHC website
  • Stress Recess (yoga demonstration)
  • Therapy groups available to students once screened for appropriate fit. Groups are created during first couple weeks of class each semester. The only drop-in basis group is the international group and it is only available to international students.
  1. Challenging Student Exercise
  • Jamie read aloud various anonymous situations submitted in advance by the membership. She divided the room into 3 parts (Student, Staff, Resource) and the membership responded to the anonymous situations in the voice of the role assigned to the section they were sitting.
  1. Employee Assistance Program Services (EAP)
  • There are Free EAP counselors and workshops available throughout the year for staff. 
  1. Wrap Up


  • Brad Popiolek shared update on the social media workshop. He navigated the ACA website, showcasing and explaining the various social media resources available on the site.
  • Brad thanked everyone who has contributed information to the Wayfinder website. THANK YOU! Please contact Brad if the major you represent is not yet on Wayfinder or with any questions regarding Wayfinder content.  

10:00     Meeting Adjourned



  • July 20     ACA Monthly Meeting and End-of-Year Awards