July 2011

Meeting Date: 
July 20, 2011


8:15-8:40 AM:  Breakfast provided by Athletics (THANK YOU!)

8:40 - 8:50 AM:  Athletics' Advisors  introduced themselves and each briefly mentioned their roles specifically within the department.

8:50 – 9:06 AM: Kat Richter-Hastings, Q-drops and Q&A

Kat discussed the Q-drop process from the Athletic department standpoint.  Pointed out that student-athletes:

  • must be enrolled in 12 hours to practice, so they should never be q-dropping below 12 hours (with a few exceptions: example – SSD); this includes scholarship and non-scholarship athletes; 9 hours + 3 hours of UT extension counts 
  • will always be sent to their department academic advisor to q-drop.

Other questions from the audience:

  • Credit by exam (CBE)? – similar to student/advisor interaction – shouldn’t claim until they’ve spoken to department advisor and athletic advisor to discuss progress toward degree.
  • Changing majors? – student-athletes should not be changing majors with department advisors mid-semester; everything must be calculated carefully for eligibility purposes.
  • Will you make notes in toolkit?  No, but you can contact advisor if you have questions.

9:10-9:20 AM – Wendy Boggs, Awards Committee Chair, and Pam Dahl, presentation of ACA Awards

Wendy and the Awards Committee presented the following awards:

*Each recipient received a plaque, small gift, and a check for $?

Thank you to the members of the Awards Committee for their hard work in determining who would be this year’s recipients.

9:20 – 9:35 AM:  ACA Committee Chairs  recognized and thanked members of their committees and recapped significant accomplishments of committees (see handout on Slideshare)

9:35 – 9:40 AM: Andi Poag, ACA President, recap of year (see speech on Slideshare) and announced she would be leaving UT.

9:40 AM: Announcements

New members of ACA:

  • 2 new program coordinators in the Study Abroad Office
  • New advisor in BDP
  • New advisor in Nursing, replacing Cathy MacLaughlin (retiring)
  • Next meeting in September, date and location TBD

9:43 – meeting adjourned