January 2012

Meeting Date: 
January 12, 2012


ACA Monthly Meeting

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Norman Hackerman Building (NHB) 1.720


8:15  Breakfast and Social Time - Sponsored by ACA


8:45  Internal Transfer Panel -- click the name of the program to be taken to the Internal Tranfer page

         Architecture - Garret Loontjer, Katrina Kosted

  • Students can apply once a year, in the spring, for fall admission.
  • Information sessions are held in the fall, and students must attend one. The advisors will meet with prospective students, but they prefer they attend the session first.
  • Students need a 3.25 or higher to be eligible to apply.
  • Katrina emphasized that the essay portion of the application is extremely important.
  • Students can choose to apply to enter into the first-year or second year of the Architecture program. Must have M408C/K and PHY302K+102M to apply to be a second year; also must complete intensive summer design studio program.
  • Physics and calculus are acceptable from ACC, and concurrent enrollment for it is allowed.
  • If non-Architecture students want to take ARC 318K the prerequisite of ARC 308 is not enforced.

         Business - Charles Enriquez

  • Students may apply once a year, in the spring, for fall admission. The application is open from March 1-May 15th.
  • All prerequisite courses needed to apply must be posted to academic record by the May 15th deadline.
  • Admission decisions are mostly GPA driven, must have a 3.0 to be eligible to apply, but a competitive student typically has a 3.5 or higher.
  • They receive 350-400 applications a year and admit 250 of them.
  • Students are encouraged to attend an internal transfer sessions. Advisors are in attendance to assist students with application and degree-related questions.

 Communications - Xavier Oaks

  • Students may apply in the fall and in the spring.
  • To apply, students must have a 2.25 GPA or higher, but a candidate with a 3.0 or above has better odds of getting into the college.
  • The College prefers students who have taken communication courses.
  • Application is online. Students also need to include a resume and a statement of purpose as part of the application.
  • A “B” or better is required in ADV 318J for students interested in Advertising or Public Relations.

Engineering Diana Flannery

  • Students may apply in the fall and spring, with the exception of the Biomedical Engineering program, which only accepts applications in the spring, for fall admission.
  • To apply, you must attend an internal transfer session, which will be online in the future.
  • Students must complete 24 hours in-residence (taken at UT), and have credit for M 408D or M 408M and PHY 303K+PHY 103M.
  • Two GPA’s are considered for admission: 1) Cumulative in-residence GPA and 2) technical in-residence GPA. Technical GPA includes all math, science, and departmental area strengths.
  • If students want to get into restricted courses, they should contact the individual Engineering department on the first class day.

Fine Arts - Roland Garcia

Theater and Dance


Art and Art History

Geosciences - Jesse Garcia

  • Students may apply in the spring (by the May 1st deadline) for fall admission only.
  • To apply, students must have a 2.5, but most admitted students have between a 3.0-3.3 GPA or higher.
  • Students must complete GEO 401 (or GEO 303) and CH 301 – the more science and math (calculus preferred) completed, the stronger the applicant.

Applied Learning and Development (ALD) & Kinesiology - Richard Hogeda


  • Students need at least a 2.0 GPA to transfer, however, a 2.5 GPA is required to begin their teaching sequence (which can be 3-4 semesters long).
  • Students in ALD need two semesters of a foreign language.
  • Also required to take a 4-semester sequence of NSC sciences courses for teachers, so they should avoid taking sciences classes before they’re in the program.

KIN and Health Education

  • Students who have attempted 0-35 hours can transfer to KIN with a 2.0 or higher. Attempted hours include all grades, Q drops, withdrawals, etc.
  • Students with 36 hours or more need a 3.0 or higher to transfer. GPAs close that are not rounded up.
  • Sport Management and Athletic Training have additional applications, and students should be aware of this before transferring.
  • Advisors meet with prospective students year round except during registration advising

Nursing - Rebeca Trevino

  • In fall 2012, the minimum GPA to apply to pre-nursing will be raised from 2.5 to 2.75.
  • Students must attend an internal transfer information session to be eligible to apply, which students can sign up for online (only 50 students are allowed per session). 
  • Note: Students must take anatomy and physiology at the same institution.

Psychology - Joel Mendolusky

  • Students may apply in the fall and spring.
  • Students must have at least a 2.5 UT GPA and UT Psychology GPA.
  • Must attend an internal transfer info session to be eligible to apply.
  • The number of psychology courses completed versus the number of attempted hours completed is taken into consideration for admission.
  • Students must have taken at least one Psychology course in residence to be eligible to apply.

Social Work Kristen Boyd Kessel

  • Students need a 2.0 GPA if they have 45 hours or more.
  • No GPA requirement if they have fewer than 45 hours.
  • Students may contact Kristen Boyd Kessel or Affiong Eyo if they are interested in transferring to the School of Social Work.
  • Internal transfer perameters will be changing once the 2012-2014 catalog takes effect.


8:30  Sustainability Directory

Jim Walker and Alice Gerhart spoke about UT's new Sustainability Directory, which allows students, faculty, and staff to search for courses, research projects, faculty members, degree programs, and curriculum related to sustainability. 


9:45  Student Ombudsperson

Due to lack of time, Lauren Bloom will return and speak at a future ACA meeting.


Spring Semester Highlights

February 8  ACA Monthly Meeting (8:15-10:00am, Glenn Maloney Room)

February 9  ACA/APSA Professional Development Day (8:00-4:00, SAC)

March 7       ACA Monthly Meeting (8:15-10:00am, Glenn Maloney Room)

April 4          ACA Monthly Meeting (8:15-10:00am, Glenn Maloney Room)