April 2012

Meeting Date: 
April 4, 2012


ACA Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


SSB Glenn Maloney Room

8:15  Breakfast and Social Time

         Sponsored by the College of Communications (THANK YOU!)


8:30  College of Communications - IE Pre-Graduate School Internship 

Tommy Darwin spoke about the IE Pre-Graduate School Internship program. IE helps undergraduate students learn about graduate school and see whether or not it right for them. Currently serving 150 interns, the internship is open to undergraduates in all UT colleges and schools in the fall or spring semesters (not available for summer). It has been discovered that nearly 40% of students who participate decide graduate school is not for them and pursue other interests, but, as a result of the IE experience, many have a better sense of their direction. They have also found this internship particularly helps underrepresented and first-generation students. Participation is contingent upon finding a graduate student mentor and/or faculty member willing to supervise in your chosen field of study. The internships are project based and they start the program by signing a contract with a mentor. Students can earn course credit for the internship (CMS 164M, 264M or 364M). You may refer interested students to Tommy Darwin, the director of the program.


8:45  ACC Procedures for UT Students

Audra Sneed discussed the steps students need to take to enroll in courses at Austin Community College. 

“ACC is not a “fast food” service!" ACC wants UT students and advisors to know that ACC has an entire application process that needs to be followed before students can attend. It takes 24 hours for an application to ACC to process. Summer ACC sessions have limited enrollment and students must meet prerequisites. Not meeting course prerequisites can result in students being dropped from the course by the instructor. The ACC system will allow students to register for classes without prerequisites, but instructors may drop students who do not qualify. Not following ACC prerequisite policy results in them losing 30% of their tuition. Fulltime at ACC, in the summer, is 12 hours and if students want more hours then they need written approval. First time enrollees should visit first with Admissions/ Records to clear any “holds” and then visit advising. Wait times for advising can exceed an hour during the busy times.

The ACC team reiterated that prerequisites are enforced. The most common offender is not having RHE 309K before trying to take E 316K. The ACC Math department also strictly enforces the calculus requirement. Students must have a TSI score or M 301 (College Algebra), Trigonometry and M 305G (Pre calculus) on record before signing up for calculus I. UT students may also opt to take a departmental assessment ($10.00) to place into calculus. 


9:15  Office of Admissions

Augustine Garza presented information on the entering class. A record number of students applied to UT for the upcoming fall 2012 semester. Over 35,000 students applied. They expect the incoming freshmen class to be around 7,200. They have about 226 on the admission waitlist, those of which were also offered CAP and are being encouraged to take it. Because of Senate Bill 175 (replaced the old top 10% rule), UT can somewhat control who is admitted to UT and has some room for the non-ten percent group. This gives the admissions staff the opportunity to give applications a “harder look.” Due to this, students who are in the top 10% but did not take seriously their admissions essay and resume may not be admitted into their first school choice and cascaded to their second choice. This has caused some angry students, parents and many appeals. There is no deadline for students to appeal their admissions decision but the longer they wait the less likely it will be approved.


9:55  ACA Nominations for 2012-2013

Jennifer Jordan spoke about the ACA office nomination process. Send an email to Jennifer to nominate someone or yourself! Deadline to nominate is May 2nd. If you are running for an office then be prepared to give a brief, candidate speech at the May 8th meeting. View the ACA bylaws for a list of positions and their descriptions. 


Spring Semester Highlights

May 8          ACA Monthly Meeting (1:00-3:00pm, NHB 1.720)

June 12       ACA Monthly Meeting (8:15-10:00am, TBD)

July 19        ACA Monthly Meeting (8:15-10:00am, Stadium)