May 2012

Meeting Date: 
May 8, 2012

ACA Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

1:00-3:00 pm

NHB 1.720


1:00  Ice Cream Social

         Sponsored by New Student Services. Thank you!


1:20 Awards and Recognition Committee

Sarah McKay announced the 2011-2012 NACADA Award winners were announced. Congratulations!

Texas Interdisciplinary Plan (TIP): Winner, Outstanding Advising Program

Elizabeth Hastings: Certificate of Merit, Outstanding Advising Award - Academic Advising Administrator

Sarah McKay: Certificate of Merit, Outstanding New Advising Award - Primary Advising Role

The ACA Student Development and Staff Development Scholarship awards were also announced. Winners were awarded $250.00. Congratulations!

Students: Kayleen Freeman (RTF major) and Nancy Cardenas (Government and International Relations and Global Studies double major).

Staff: Patty Micks (Senior Program Coordinator, UGS) and Kristen Kessel (Academic Advisor, Social Work)

The next round of awards is coming up! Nominate someone for an ACA Advising award.

The ACA Awards is your final opportunity in the 11-12 academic year to nominate ACA member(s) for recognition for their devotion to students, innovation, and service/support to the profession. You may submit information for anyone you nominated for NACADA, and you may self-nominate.

Characteristics for these awards:


  • Professionals who take initiative and creating positive change– This is a good category for someone who has developed a new system, tool, process, or program within the last three years in your office or college. The committee will consider group impact/interactivity and creativity. If this is an electronic medium, please include a link.
  • People who are dedicated to students– This is a good category for someone who has direct advising interaction with students and makes a positive impact on students on a day-to-day basis.
  • Service to advising profession– This is a good category for someone who is involved with professional development opportunities and/or participates in leadership positions in professional organizations.


Please submit your nominations online by 5:00 pm on Friday, June 1st, 2012.


1:30  New Student Services

In order to emphasize academics and encourage four-year graduation, there are many changes are happening to summer orientation. Students must complete modules before being allowed to register for classes. Students will need to acknowledge they have read these modules, or they could have a bar placed on their record during the spring registration period in October. Students will be allowed to make up modules.

The modules include:

1)   How to read the course schedule/ How to register

2)   UT mindset

3)   FIG/Signature courses

4)   Changing colleges

5)   Campus resources

6)   Honor code

Freshmen orientation will take place W-F, except the week of July 16-18. The first four freshmen orientation sessions are full.

Freshmen summer orientation dates by college.

Transfer Orientation dates by college.

Day 1 of orientation includes a day for Family Orientation. 

Day 2 of orientation is the academic advising portion where students are pre-advised or advised on the same day. Please note that the session “Making the Transition/ Bevonomics Program is now required.

Day 3 of orientation includes additional academic advising sessions and registration for classes. They are back in FAC (Flawn Academic Center) this day.

Recognition of Alice Andrews who is retiring soon! This was her last ACA meeting and she was an original member! Standing ovation!


2:20  UGS Updates

David Spight updated ACA on changes in the School of Undergraduate Studies. The Center for Strategic Advising is now the Center for Strategic Advising and Career Counseling. Their office is moving to the first floor of Jester (where the Career Exploration office was formerly housed). A number of reorganizations have occurred. If a student needs to see an advisor in the Bridging Disciplines Program, then after May 24th, they will go to FAC 330E – not their current location. The portion of the Sanger Learning that works with TA’s and courses will also move to FAC 330E, but the actual learning center (tutoring) will remain in it’s present location in Jester. Longhorn Scholars is moving back to FAC from Carothers and TSI is moving to Carothers, however, if a student has a question about a TSI bar they will need to see an advisor in the CSA office (Jester, after May 24th). The UGS Dean’s office will be moving from FAC to the Tower. Petitions will continue to be received by CSA.  


Treasurer’s Update

Jay Guevara provided ACA with a Treasurer’s update. ACA’s account has a balance of $4,409.00 and the Professional Development Day earned a profit of $1,515.00 for the organization.


2:30  2012-2013 Nominee Speeches

Jennifer Jordan introduced the nominees for the ACA executive board:

Vice-President/Program Chairs:

Co-chair: Kayla Ford (Business) and Kristin Tommey (UGS)


Co-chair: Cynthia Sullivan (UGS) and Julia Chinnock (UGS)


Co-chair: Angela Mirabito (Business) and Cynthia Gladstone (Liberal Arts)

Public Relations/ Communications Coordinator:

Mathew Haynes (Liberal Arts)


Kelly Strait (Liberal Arts)

Rob Poyner (Natural Sciences)

After the speeches were delivered, an ACA member made a motion to vote in the uncontested positions during the meeting. The majority at the meeting in unison approved the motion. Voting will take place for the contested President-Elect position. Candidate speeches will be posted on the ACA Argosy Blog.

Spring Semester Highlights

June 12       ACA Monthly Meeting (8:15-10:00am, NHB 1.720)

July 19        ACA Monthly Meeting (8:15-10:00am, Stadium)