July 2012

Meeting Date: 
July 19, 2012

ACA Monthly Meeting

Thursday, July 19, 2012

8:15-10:00 am

Red McCombs Red Zone, Stadium


8:15  Breakfast and Social Time -  Breakfast provided by Athletics (THANK YOU!)


8:30  Welcome

Athletics welcomed the ACA membership and thanked us for the work we do for their students. Athletics' Advisors  introduced themselves and each briefly mentioned their roles specifically within the department. The athletics academic counselors team is broken into pods, with each pod being responsible for a particular program or project. Pods include eligibility, mentoring/tutoring, career services, community service, and resources.

Kat Richter, head of the eligibility pod, reviewed the NCAA's academic eligibility guidelines for UT athletes.  She also announced that seven teams received recognition by the NCAA for their APR (academic progress report) scores. 20 UT alumni are participating in the 2012 Olympics, representing seven countries. 

Dr. Tina Kien, the head of the new athletic's career services, spoke about the services they now provide, including: resume workshops, graduate school night, "After Texas" (for students not going pro), and more. 

Jonathan Edwards manages the mandatory study hall. 

Jason Bourgeois helps to coordinate advising night, an opportunity for student athletes to connect with advisors across campus. 

Annette Smith Knight, who was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame,  oversees the community service pod. Student athletes volunteer with numerous organizations in the area, including Dell Children's Hospotal, Orange Santa, Marathon Kids, and Neighborhood Longhorns.

A recent student athlete shot-putter graduate, Jacob, spoke about his experience adjusting to campus life and academics with the support of the athletics counselors and the UT academic advising community. 


8:50 Awards and Recognitions Committee

Sarah McKay and the Awards Committee presented the following awards:

Award winnders received plaques and $50 checks. Thank you to the members of the Awards Committee for their hard work in determining who would be this year’s recipients.         

9:00 Committee Awards and Recognition

ACA Committee Chairs  recognized and thanked members of their committees and recapped significant accomplishments of committees (see handout on Slideshare)

1.    Awards and Recognition Committee, Rose Mastrangelo & Sarah McKay

2.    Advisory Council, Nathan Vickers

3.    Advising Expo, Jay Guevara & Kristin Tommey

4.    Holiday Program Committee, Jay Guevara

5.    Professional Development Day Committee, Angela Mirabito

6.    Resources for Ongoing Advisor Development (R.O.A.D.), Kristen Anton & Melva Harbin

7.    Executive Committee, Theresa Thomas


9:20 Executive Summary

Theresa Thomas, ACA President, gave a recap of year (see speech on Slideshare).


9:35 Swearing in of new Executive Committee Members

This year, all incoming executive board members recited an oath of office:

"I (state name), as duly elected officer of the Academic Counselors Association at The University of Texas at Austin, do swear to faithfully fulfill the duties of this office as outlined in the Bylaws and  to the best of my ability, I will uphold the mission of the Academic Counselors Association and The University of Texas at Austin."


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