September 2012

Meeting Date: 
September 19, 2012

ACA Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


NHB 1.720


8:15   Breakfast and Social Time

Sponsored by the Undergraduate Real Estate Certificate Program (Thank you!!)

8:30   Welcome from ACA President Nathan Vickers

Nathan welcomed everyone and thanked Theresa Thomas for her hard work as president last year.  Nathan noted that advising is more important than ever on this campus and that ACA is here to benefit us by offering us a way to connect with each other and become better advisors.  He encouraged everyone to find a way to connect and remain involved with ACA throughout the year.

Nathan also introduced the theme for the coming year: “Appreciate, Engage, Shape.”  It is important to Appreciate our past, Engage with our present, and Shape our future.

8:40   Undergraduate Real Estate Certificate Program

Rachel Allen, the Program Director, and Will Way, the program’s advisor, spoke about the Texas URE, beginning its first semester.

The program is housed in the McCombs School of Business, but is interdisciplinary in nature and is open to students in any major, as long as they meet the requirements.  The Texas URE requires that applicants have: 

  • Upper Division standing
  • An interest in commercial real estate
  • Credit or registration for FIN357 or FIN320F
  • A recommended GPA of 3.0. 
  • Optional:  a course in Economics; a course in basic Statistics.

The program consists of 3 Real Estate core classes and 3 additional approved elective courses, in addition to FIN 357 or FIN 320F

Rachel Allen stressed that this program is designed around commercial real estate with a financial and investment focus.  It does not lead to a real estate license.

9:10   MapWorks

Patty Micks from the First Year Experience Office spoke about MapWorks, a web platform designed to increase early intervention, students success and student retention.  The program is being implemented this year for all first-time freshmen and each department can decide if and how to use the program.

MapWorks will send a survey to all first-year students this fall and student responses will indicate their risk level for leaving the university and for poor academic performance.  It also allows what are called “direct connects” to interact with the survey information and with each other.  “Direct connects” are people who interact directly with a student, and for this year they will include advisors, residence life, FIG mentors, Signature Course faculty and Campus Resources.  Patty indicated that each “direct connect” has very different levels of access to the survey information as necessary to their position and use of the information.

Each college and unit will decide how to use the program this year.  Patty will be meeting later with each office to give more information. 

9:45   Questions/Announcements

The Advising Expo will take place Oct 9.  Jay Guevara and Ola Okubanjo (co-chairs) will be sending out more information soon

Many new advisors were introduced from many departments.  Welcome to UT!

ACA Committee sign-up was conducted.  Members can contact Matthew Haynes if interested in joining a committee.