November 2012

Meeting Date: 
November 14, 2012

ACA Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


SAC Ballroom


8:15   Breakfast and Social Time

Sponsored by the Business Foundations Program (Thank you!)

8:30   Appreciating Campus Administrators:  Dr. Mark Bernstein, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, College of Communication

Dr. Bernstein was unable to attend to receive his certificate but expressed his gratitude via email.

8:35   Committee Announcements

FUNdraising Committee

Lovelys Powell spoke about Thanksgiving Goodie Bags and about the upcoming American Traditions Potluck

Mentor Program

Lovelys Powell and Julia Chinnock announced the return of the ACA Mentor Program, looking for both Mentors and Mentees.  An email announcement will be sent soon.

8:40   Business Foundations Program

CBA 2.210


Regina Hughes, Dr JJ Riekenberg and Dr Kristie Loescher discussed the Business Foundations Program as a whole and the Halliburton Summer Institute.  The BFP offers students the “tools to be successful” in business.

Approximately 4000 students enroll in BFP classes each year and around 1000 certificates are granted each year.  The program will be celebrating it’s 20th anniversary next year.

The program includes coursework in:

  • Economics
  • Statistics
  • Management Information Systems
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • and a selection of 3 classes from International Business, Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Business Law. 

An updated list of courses that may fulfill the Statistics and Management Information Systems requirements is available on the program website.

All courses must be taken for a letter grade (or earned through transfer or Credit-by-Exam) and can be taken as traditional day classes or through University Extension.  The BFP also offers a for-credit summer internship course.  All coursework must be completed within one year of graduation. 

The Halliburton Business Summer Institute consists of 5 courses taken during the summer.  This summer will be June 3-July 31.  Students are in class from 9:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.  At the end of the time, credit is earned for ACC310F, MAN320F, IB320F, FIN320F and MKT320F.  The most unique feature of the summer institute is the Marketplace business simulation, allowing students to create a simulated business with a small group and make decisions that impact it in positive or negative ways.

The summer program is open to all majors and is especially useful for students whose major coursework is very structured, not allowing for the BFP courses to be taken during long semesters.  Students must have a 3.0 to apply.  The program will be accepting 150 students this summer and Financial Aid can be used toward the tuition cost.

9:00   Vice President for Student Affairs

MAI 121

Dr. Gage Paine, the new Vice President for Student Affairs, is on a self-styled “Learning Tour” of UT.  She hopes to connect with as many student and staff entities as she can to learn about the mood and culture of UT and what concerns and issues people have.  She answered questions from the membership about:

  • her use of Twitter and Facebook as a way to engage with students and new professionals
  • the use of technology in sharing confidential information
  • the changes she has noticed since she was last employed at UT
  • what she sees as the future of universities and student life with the shift to online learning
  • and her progress toward her quest to meet all students on campus

9:20 Office of Undergraduate Research

FAC 22


Rebecca Wilcox stated the Office of Undergraduate Research is always interested in ideas for how they can support students, so please contact them if you have thoughts or suggestions.  The goal of Undergraduate Research is to connect undergraduates with research all across campus, encouraging they to engage with the process of inquiry in their discipline.

The office presents Information Sessions about what research is and what students should expect and also offers individual advising to address individual concerns, identify interests, brainstorm topics and other assistance.  Undergraduate Research also sponsors Research Week (this year, April 15-19) for students to present posters and talk about the work they have been doing. 

If a student needs to earn class credit for research, UGS310 and UGS320 courses can be utilized.  The Office of Undergraduate Research’s website has a lot of useful information, both for students and for faculty and staff.

9:30 Office of the Registrar



Shelby Stanfield and Brenda Schumann explained the proposed changes to the Zap Process and then took questions from the membership.

Brenda noted that, in theory, the zap is designed to clear out spots in classes for other students however research has shown that most zapped students end up in the same courses they were zapped from and only 2.6% of all opened seats are in “key courses” (as identified by the deans’ offices from each college or school).

Further information on the changes to the Zap Process was sent to the membership via email.