October 2013

Meeting Date: 
October 16, 2013

ACA Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

SAC Ballroom North


8:15      Breakfast

Matthew Haynes, ACA Vice-President, leads the meeting. He welcomes members and speakers to the meeting and gives a special thanks to the McCombs School of Business for hosting.

8:30      Welcome

Rob Poynor, ACA President

Rob offers his thanks to ACA Exec and McCombs. He calls for ACA to have an awareness of its impact. He shares personal stories from meeting Lovelys Powell and Jo Anne Huber and of coming to Texas from Arkansas, encountering new traditions and values. He discusses the inspiration he received from David Foster Wallace’s graduate address at Kenyon College, in which Wallace says that people have two choices: to resort to their default mode or to engage meaningfully with others. Rob challenges ACA members to engage meaningfully and bring the same energy to each meeting with a student. Rob asks members to think about how students change the world, and, by extension, how advisors change the world. He thanks ACA members for their work with students and for participating in ACA.

8:40      Katie Stephens

Katie first speaks about the new Business website for nonbusiness majors (http://www.mccombs.utexas.edu/nonbusinessmajors). The website offers a choose-your-own-adventure style format for students to explore the various business programs. Second, she speaks about the Master of Science in Finance Program (MSF). She discusses advantages of MSF, description of MSF students by major (currently 20% of MSF students are UT alumni), key admission requirements and the graduate select admissions option, and contact information.

8:45      Keri Ledezma

Keri speaks about the Master in Professional Accounting Program. It is a one year program ranked the #1 graduate accounting program in the U.S. Accounting is relevant to many people, as it is the language of business. She discusses curriculum, careers, placement, admissions (it is fall admission only), application checklist, and contact information.

8:55      Hillary Patterson

Hillary speaks about MSIROM: Business Analytics. This program is new; it started this year with 52 students. She discusses why the program developed, what makes the program different (it is the only STEM-certified program in Business), who enrolls, makeup of the class of 2015, curriculum, and contact information.

9:05      Scott Good

Scott speaks about the Master of Science in Technology Commercialization Program. He discusses program highlights (it is a one year intense program), knowledge and skills the program develops in students, curriculum, opportunities for students to compete in business plan competitions, and application requirements.

9:15       Dr. J.J. Riekenberg and Mary Lou Poloskey

J.J. and Mary Lou briefly speak about the Business Foundations Program (BFP), an undergraduate certificate program. J.J. provides an overview of what BFP is and why students should do BFP (all students need jobs, and business can benefit them no matter what the job). No application is necessary for BFP (there is open enrollment), and day and evening classes are available. Mary Lou discusses two new BFP Summer Institutes: Industry and Health Care. The courses for these institutes take place in the summer only but are available by Extension also.

9:20      Rachel Allen

Rachel speaks about the Undergraduate Real Estate Program (UREP), an undergraduate certificate program. She provides a program overview, curriculum flow chart, and bar chart of students by major in the program and discusses the rolling admissions process. Students must take FIN 320 or FIN 357 before applying to the program. UREP offers its students many career events.

9:30      John Butler

John briefly speaks about the Undergraduate Energy Management Program (UEM). He discusses the application process, curriculum, and program benefits and contact information. Students must take GEO as a prerequisite. Students take 12 hours over the summer and participate in an energy summer camp. The goal with UEM is to create a certificate similar in spirit to what Business is doing with UREP. The program is great for students who are interested in “landmen” careers.

9:35      Announcements

Matthew Haynes announces the R.O.A.D. Brown Bag Lunch taking place tomorrow at noon in Batts 5.108. This is an opportunity for ACA members to share experiences from the 2013 NACADA Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Gina Higby, FUNdraising Co-Chair, announces the goodie bags and survival kits available for purchase.

Sara Schulz, ACA Historian, announces the “30 for 30” project to commemorate ACA’s 30th anniversary. Members should send Sara member spotlights for the ACA blog.

Justin Brady announces the new Nursing advisor, Brian Losoya.

Ana Dison announces the new Women in Engineering Program advisor, Cassidy McFarland.

Rose Mastrangelo, Awards and Recognition Committee Member, announces NACADA Awards nominations. The deadline for submissions is November 22.

Lovelys Powell announces the new advisors in Business, Jay Guevara and Blake Willms.

Kristen Anton announces the new CSACC advisor, Melanie Robinson. 

9:45     Meeting Ends