March 2014

Meeting Date: 
March 5, 2014

ACA Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, March 5, 2014
SAC 2.412 Ballroom North


8:15      Breakfast

8:30      Welcome

Rob Poynor, ACA President, kicks-off the meeting. He welcomes ACA members and the speakers, giving a special thanks to the School of Nursing and the University Leadership Network for co-sponsoring the meeting. He also thanks the PDD Committee, asking committee members to stand and be recognized.

8:35      Cindy Gladstone

Cindy Gladstone, members of the Awards and Recognition Committee, announces the NACADA nominees: Alanna Bitzel for Outstanding New Advisor, Linda Mayhew for Outstanding Advisor, and UTurn for Outstanding Advising Program. She asks each nominee to stand and be recognized.

8:40      Dr. David Laude

Dr. David Laude, Senior Vice Provost for Enrollment and Graduate Management speaks about changes to registration slotting. He begins by providing an update on the four-year graduation rate, providing a brief historical look at graduate rate in the last 25 years and explaining that ACA members should adopt the perspective that four-year graduation means success. He encourages ACA members to serve as student advocates and stand up for student rights. Dr. Laude then moves on to discuss registration slotting. He argues that it is clear that the students who are closer to graduating are the ones who should sign up for classes first. He explains that, regarding priority registration, the new system will eliminate entitlements for student groups that do not need them but will preserve priority registration for those who do (e.g., students with disabilities, student athletes, ROTC, etc.). As a result, priority registration will be cut by 40%. He wraps up by discussing graduation, saying that if the university is serious about four-year graduation, then it must be serious about graduation. Starting next year, students will identify a year in advance that they will graduate, and the university will create courses for them and schedule them accordingly to help them graduate. Dr. Laude concludes by taking questions.

9:14       Dr. Linda Carpenter

Linda Carpenter, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs in Nursing, discusses recent changes in Nursing, contextualizing the changes within the growing need within the past ten years for nurses to have master’s and doctoral degrees. She reviews internal transfer, undergraduate admissions, alternate pathways to degrees, the new four-year BSN degree plan, study abroad, the honors program, technical requirements, clinical compliance requirements, and BON license eligibility. Dr. Carpenter concludes by taking questions.

9:43      Dr. Rebecca Wilcox

Rebecca Wilcox, Program Coordinator for the Office of Undergraduate Research, speaks about the office and research week. She begins by providing an overview of the office. She pulls up the website on the screen and explains that she conducts three weekly information sessions that are aimed at a broad audience. The office offers course credit to undergraduates interested in doing research and conducts one-to-one advising with students. She asks that if ACA members know of students interested in doing research to let her know so that she can reach out to them for research week or if colleges are interested in hosting an event or table for research week, April 14-18. Dr. Wilcox also mentions the Longhorn Research Bazaar happening on April 16, explaining that the deadline for submissions will be extended to at least March 17. She concludes by encouraging ACA members to contact her for more information and materials.

9:55      John Newton

John Newton from the University Leadership Network (ULN) speaks about the program. He first provides an overview of ULN: it is for students with unmet financial need who experience barriers to graduating in the four-year period. He then explains that ULN is starting an internship program that will allow students to work on campus and gain transferable skills. The internship program is an opportunity for offices on campus to receive student help at no additional cost. Each student in the internship program receives a $500 per month scholarship. John concludes by saying that will send out more information to the ACA listserv and announces that the deadline for completing a proposal to sponsor an intern is March 31.

10:00   Announcements

Gina Higby, FUNdraising Co-Chair, announces the ACA Potluck.

10:00 Meeting Ends