April 2014

Meeting Date: 
April 9, 2014

ACA Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, April 9, 2014
SAC 2.412 Ballroom North

8:15      Breakfast

8:30      Welcome

Julia Chinnock, ACA President-Elect, kicks off the meeting. She welcomes ACA members and the speakers, giving a special thanks to the School of Undergraduate Studies for sponsoring the meeting.  Julia also passes along a request from Services for Students with Disabilities to be proactive in getting students to request graduation accommodations soon. Linda Millstone is the contact for commencement accommodations.

8:32      Sarah McKay

Sarah McKay, Co-Chair of the Awards and Recognition Committee, is accompanied by the members of the Awards and Recognition Committee. The committee members announce the student development scholarship winners and staff development scholarship winners. Each winner receives $300. The student development scholarship winners are Maria Pudioza, Leslie Ellen Cameron, and Adeline Burke. The staff development scholarship winners are Arelis Palacios from Study Abroad, John Newton from the University Leadership Network, and Justin Brady from Engineering.

8:44      John Newton

John Newton, ULN Campus Partner Program, refers to his presentation from last month, in which he discussed the Campus Partner Program. The application deadline for departments has passed, but he asks ACA members to keep the program in mind for next year. John explains that the program has 500 new students this fall. He thanks ACA for assisting with registration and negotiating course conflicts. He says that the Campus Partner Program will override students into the required zero-hour course and asks that advisors not put students into the course themselves. John concludes by explaining that the Campus Partner Program will participate in Day One of orientation for students not participating in summer bridge.

8:59      School of Undergraduate Studies

David Spight, Assistant Dean for Advising & Career Counseling, starts off the series of speakers from the School of Undergraduate Studies (UGS). He informs ACA that this is the second year that UT will have UGS students graduating and would like us to celebrate this success by seeing those students as all of our students.

Jennifer Morgan, Senior Program Coordinator from the Dean’s Office, speaks next, describing updates to the core curriculum for the 2014-2016 catalog.

Patty Micks, Senior Program Coordinator, First-Year Experience, talks about signature courses. She states that in the fall there will be 10, 500 seats in signature courses, so there should be plenty of seats available for students. Because the UGS 302/303 signature courses are designed for first-year students, she encourages students not to wait to register for one of these courses. Any upper division student needing a signature course should contact her office directly during the first registration period so that they can be placed manually into a signature course.

Jeanette Herman, Assistant Dean for Academic Initiatives and Director of the Bridging Disciplines Programs (BDP), begins by providing a reminder that research week happening next week. She then provides an update about flags: flags for the 2014-2016 catalog are available in PDF form on the website. She also introduces Deborah Miller, the new flag petitions coordinator, who is in the office Monday through Thursday. Jeannette concludes by explaining that Emily Watson from BDP will send out an email to ACA members regarding the new 101 courses, which are good learning experiences for students who are exploring.

Hillary Procknow, Program Coordinator for the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), provides an overview of a new TSI pilot program. A zero-hour course will be attached to RHE 306 and M 302 courses to support students in their credit-bearing courses. TSI students are students valued by the University for skills they possess (e.g., music and athletics), students in the top 7% of their graduating class in underserved high schools, and English Language Learners, students with poor test-taking skills, etc. She alerts ACA members that all TSI students have received communication from the TSI office and must meet with a TSI advisor. Zach Ward is the Academic Advisor.

Phaedra White, Senior Program Coordinator, Longhorn Scholars Program, Discovery Scholars Program, explains that the first year with the new Discovery Scholars Program is wrapping up, and the program will support students throughout their time at UT. She clarifies that Longhorn Scholars, which is no longer accepting new students, but still exists to support the Longhorn Scholars who have not yet graduated. Phaedra also describes the President’s Achievement Scholars Enrichment Scholarship. The application deadline was April 1, 2014. This is a $1500 scholarship that only first year students can access for students with high academic records at their high school and financial need; the scholarship money can be used toward internships, research, or study abroad.

9:33      Arthur Allert

Arthur Allert, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programsfor the Red McCombs School of Business, along with Leah Miller, Director of Academic Services, describe the upcoming online offerings of Business Foundations Program (BFP) courses. BFP will begin by offering a web-based Business Law, LEB 320F, course. BFP will eventually have an online section for all courses, but will not replace face-face classes. There will be an online and face-face for all courses. All online courses will count toward the BFP certificate program.

9:41       Robert Prentice

Robert Prentice, Chair of the BGS Department, provides an overview of Business, Government and Society (BGS), the newest department in the Red McCombs School of Business. He describes course offering and degree requirements.

9:49      By-Laws and Election Updates

Julia explains to ACA members that the ACA Executive Committee proposed changes, mostly minor, to the bylaws and submitted to the Advisory Council for review. The Advisory Council provided feedback, and the Executive Committee revised. The changes primarily involve updates to officer titles as well as allowing graduate students to become members of ACA. Julia will submit the proposed changes to the membership for review, and ACA will vote on in May.

Julia also explains that Alanna will send out an email to the membership soliciting nominations for officers. Elections will take place at the May meeting.

9:53      Announcements

Regina Hughes announces the Business Foundations Summer Institute, which takes place June 2 through July 31, 2014. Applications are still being accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Tuition for the program is due by May 1, 2014.

Sara Schulz informs ACA members that she is tantalizingly close to having 30 member spotlights for the “30 for 30” blog initiative and encourages members to submit profiles.

10:00 Meeting Ends