ACA Awards: Nominate Yourself or Someone Else!

Celebrate dedication, hard work, and accomplishments -  nominate someone for an ACA award.

How do you Decide who to Nominate? 

You can nominate multiple candidates for multiple awards.  Think about people that you interact with on a daily basis that you rely on for information, assistance, or sanity; people that you admire because they never seem to run out of energy regardless of the task, have the patience of a saint, or are so creative that you envy the way their brain works.  You can submit the information for anyone you may have nominated for the NACADA awards.  You can review articles in the ACA Argosy  to see if there is a program or person that makes you think, “Wow.  That person is a rock star!”  You can also self-nominate.

Award Categories

There are three categories in which a person may be nominated:
  1. Taking initiative and creating positive change: This is a good category for someone who has developed a new system, tool, or process in your office or college.  The committee will consider group impact/interactivity and creativity.  *If this is an electronic medium, please include a link.
  2. Dedication to students:  This is for someone who has direct advising interaction with students and makes a positive impact on students on a day-to-day basis.
  3. Service to advising profession: This is a good category for someone who is involved with professional development opportunities and/or participates in leadership positions in professional organizations.

Nomination Instructions & Deadline

Nominations will be accepted May 11, 2011, through May 27, 2011.
Instructions for Nominations
Please provide the following information via Survey Station by 5 pm on Friday, May 27th
  1. Contact information of the nominator.
  2. Name of person you are nominating, his/her job title, and school/department.
  3. Brief description of why you feel this person should receive an award.  Your nomination will be the basis for selection.  Please provide examples of exemplary qualifications if possible.


Awards and Recognition Committee members will determine three award winners.  Only ACA members in good standing (that means you have paid your ACA membership dues) are eligible for these awards. 
NOTE: Awards and Recognition Committee members can be nominated; if they are, they will remove themselves from the voting process.

Award recipients will be announced at the July ACA meeting.  There will be prizes along with recognition and gratitude from your peers!

Thank you for taking the time to submit nominations!  Please contact Wendy Boggs if you have any questions regarding the award nomination process.