ACA Holiday Party with White Elephant Gift Exchange

Join us for the ACA Holiday Party on Wedensday, December 12th from 3-5pm in the Gregory Games Room. Food and drinks will be served. There will also be a "Not-so-usual White Elephant Gift Exhange"

White elephant rules: 

  1. You cannot spend any money on a gift
  2. You must bring something from your personal office space
  3. You should wrap it with something also found in your personal office space
  4. You cannot label it in any way as a gift from you
  5. You will only get a gift in the exchange if you bring one to the party

**Please be appropriate with your gifts, and know that as a gift exhange, you will not be getting your item back, but rather going home with someone else's office treasure!"

Thank you, ACA Holiday Party Committee, for putting together this event!