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Minutes - June 28, 2001

Members present: Pat Alfano, Glen Baum, Janet Bensman, Alison Louise Brown, David Brown, Helen Burnette, Johnny Castilleja, Joanna Castillo, Marlis Dagg, Linda Davis, Philip Dubov, Jeff Evelyn, Mike Farmer, Jeff Flagg, Robin Fradenburgh, Dotty Frasch, Debbie Gaunt, Phil Gavenda, Royce Gehrels, Joni Goan, Andrew Gordon, Kenneth Grant, Kathy Guajardo, Christy Habecker, Margo Hamby, Marcus Horton, Schuyler Hupp, Martha King, Shona Krchnak, Bo Lawrence, Hollis Levy, Donna Maga, Charles Wayne Matthew, Jim McElroy, Alan McKendree, Earl McMannis Jr., Cheryl McVay, Mary Beth Mercatoris, Lou Montgomery, Bruce Moore, Peggy Mueller, Philip Mullins, Greg Murphy, Sam Owens, Chuck Pearson, James Piper, Ana Raley, Alicia Reffett, Ron Riddle, Karen Rogers, Christopher Ruggeri, J. R. Schlesinger, Ann Seago, Donna Seago, William Sederholm, Frank Simon, Stella Smith, Joe Sosler, Jerry Spillar, Dana Springs, Linda Stacavich, Cindy Story, Harriet Sullivan, Sarah Supulski, Phyllis Waelder, Dalton Wall, Glen Worley

Members absent: Phyllis Akmal, Mary Clare, Gladys Jackson, Maria Martinez, Carolyn Miller, Rodrigo Rosales, Kitty Villa, Gonzalo Zapata

Human Resource Services: Kyle Cavanaugh, Linda Casarez, Debra Kress, Monica Reed

Welcome/Introductions, Kyle Cavanaugh, Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Mr. Cavanaugh convened the meeting at 2:30 p.m. and welcomed everyone. Sixty-seven Staff Council representatives were present. Each representative received the meeting agenda, the officer election ballot, the annual enrollment presentation materials, and the draft 2002-2003 Holiday Schedule.

Finalize Minutes of First Meeting, Kyle Cavanaugh

Mr. Cavanaugh asked for changes to the minutes of the first meeting that had been mailed in advance to each Staff Council Representative. No changes were called for. A motion was made to adopt the minutes as written. The motion was seconded and a vote was held that placed the minutes into permanent record.

Nominations from the Floor and Officer Nominee Presentations, All/Nominees

Mr. Cavanaugh called for nominations from the floor. Frank Simon was nominated for Chair and Alan McKendree for Vice Chair. A motion was made from the floor and seconded for nominees to address a specific issue in their comments to the Staff Council. Mr. Cavanaugh called for a vote on the motion. The motion did not pass.

Each nominee spoke for five (5) minutes on his or her interests and qualifications for Chair or Vice Chair. The following nominees made presentations:

For Chair -- Philip Dubov, Kathy Guajardo, Arnold Lawrence III, Glen Worley, and Frank Simon

For Vice Chair -- Bruce Moore, Phillip Mullins, Alan McKendree

Voting for Officers, All

Mr. Cavanaugh then provided instructions for voting. Ballots were marked by the Staff Council Representatives, collected, and Linda Casarez tallied the votes. Mr. Cavanaugh announced that Frank Simon was elected for Chair and Bruce Moore for Vice Chair. Congratulations were extended to both Frank and Bruce.

Discussion of Proposed Guidelines, All

Additional Officer Positions

Mr. Cavanaugh next led a discussion regarding a third officer position for the council. He stated that his review of other staff councils had shown that a third position was standard. Regardless of the title of this position, responsibilities usually included administrative functions, specifically the taking of minutes during meetings and their distribution to all council members. The position is also a member of the Executive Team. A majority of council members, by hand vote, agreed to use a working title of Secretary for this third position and have it perform these duties. Those members interested in the position needed to send a letter or e-mail of their interest in seeking this position with their qualifications to Linda Casarez so that the selection of this officer position could be made at the next council meeting.

Representative Terms

Next there was a discussion of Representative terms of office and the impact of those terms on the officer positions. It was mentioned that the designation of some positions being one year and some two year terms was so that the entire council would not turn over at the same time, only half of the members would be subject to election every year. A concern was raised about the fact that if the officers happen to be filling only one-year terms that the council would lose the experience of people who had just served. One suggestion was that the officers, if they had only one-year terms, would automatically be given a second year so that the council could benefit from their experience. Another suggestion was that the officers serve as ex-officio members to the council in the year following their service. A majority of council members agreed that the officers should serve as ex-officio members of the council in the year following their service as officers to the council. It was also mentioned that ex-officio members would not have a vote.

A question was raised as to whether officers would be prevented from running again for another term as a council member. Mr. Cavanaugh indicated that, at this time, there is nothing that would prevent their re-election and that the issue was a proper one for consideration by the By-Laws Committee. Other issues for the By-Laws Committee would include term lengths and whether the vice-chair serves as chair-elect to be chair the following year.

Standing Committees: Communication, By-Laws and Committee on Committees

Mr. Cavanaugh raised the subject of standing committees, and indicated that at least three committees should be considered as standing committees: Communication Committee, By-Laws Committee, and Committee on Committees. A majority of council members agreed to this list and Kyle indicated that council members should send a letter or e-mail to Linda Casarez if they had an interest in serving on one of these committees.


There was brief mention that the By-Laws Committee would address the making of amendments to the By-Laws.

Annual Enrollment Overview, Faye Godwin, HRS Assistant Director for Benefit Services

Ms. Godwin presented information about the upcoming annual benefit enrollment period, July 1-31, 2001. Each Staff Council Representative received a copy of her PowerPoint presentation that contained details of the annual enrollment process and benefits being offered, especially a new Long Term Care benefit. Council members were informed of times for Benefit Fairs and Educational Sessions.

Next Meeting/Adjournment, Kyle Cavanaugh

Before adjourning the meeting, Mr. Cavanaugh directed attention to the draft of the 2002-2003 Holiday Schedule that was in the handouts. He asked that the Representatives review the last holiday on the schedule, Spring Break, Friday, March 14, 2003 and provide input at the next meeting regarding whether that scheduled holiday or eight (8) hours of floating holiday would be preferred.

Mr. Cavanaugh announced that the next Staff Council meeting was scheduled for Thursday, July 19, 2001. A suggestion was made by a Representative that a section of each future agenda be reserved for mention from the floor of significant matters. Mr. Cavanaugh acknowledged this suggestion and noted that the new Staff Council Chair and Vice Chair would take it under consideration.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

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