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Minutes - August 16, 2001

Members Present: Phyllis Akmal, Pat Alfano, Glen Baum, Janet Bensman, Alison Louise Brown, David Brown, Helen Burnette, Johnny Castilleja, Joanna Castillo, Mary Clare, Marlis Dagg, Mike Farmer, Jeff Flagg, Dotty Frasch, Debbie Gaunt, Royce Gehrels, Joni Goan, Andrew Gordon, Kenneth Grant, Kathy Guajardo, Christy Habecker, Margo Hamby, Marcus Horton, Martha King, Shona Krchnak, Hollis Levy, Charles Wayne Matthew, Jim McElroy, Alan McKendree, Earl McManus Jr., Cheryl McVay, Mary Beth Mercatoris, Lou Montgomery, Bruce Moore, Peggy Mueller, Philip Mullins, Greg Murphy, Sam Owens, Chuck Pearson, James Piper, Alicia Reffett, Karen Rogers, Christopher Ruggeri, James R. Schlesinger, Ann Seago, Donna Seago, William Sederholm, Frank Simon, Stella Smith, Joe Sosler, Jerry Spillar, Dana Springs, Linda Stacavich, Harriet Sullivan, Kitty Villa, Glen Worley

Members Absent: Linda Davis, Philip Dubov, Jeff Evelyn, Robin Fradenburgh, Phil Gavenda, Schuyler Hupp, Gladys Jackson, Bo Lawrence, Donna Maga, Maria Martinez, Carolyn Miller, Ana Raley, Ron Riddle, Cindy Story, Sarah Supulski, Phyllis Waelder, Dalton Wall, Gonzalo Zapata

Others: Human Resources Services (HRS), Kyle Cavanaugh, Linda Casarez, Monica Reed


Chair Frank Simon called to order the regular meeting of the UT Staff Council at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 16, 2001 in Main 212. 56 Staff Council representatives were present.


All representatives were asked to initial the sign in sheets for this meeting. Glen Worley provided copies of pages 25-27 of the Compensation Advisory Committee Report (full report available in campus libraries; call number LD 5325.95 U5492 1998) to show that many issues discussed by the UT Staff Council were identified earlier and to show progress made. Bruce Moore provided copies of the home page of the UT System Advisory Committee web site.

Minutes of previous meeting:

The minutes from the July 19, 2001 meeting were corrected to read: "Phil Gavenda will forward information on Alice Sturgis The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure as an alternative to Robert’s Rules of Order to the Bylaws Committee." The minutes were approved as corrected.

Chair's Report:

Frank Simon reported that he and Vice Chair Bruce Moore attended a meeting with President Faulkner, Vice President Pat Clubb and Associate Vice President Kyle Cavanaugh on August 7, 2001. President Faulkner is strong in his support of the UT Staff Council and sees the Council as a valuable asset in promoting staff involvement in helping improve communications, in both directions, between the staff and the administration. President Faulkner is providing for a Staff Council presence on the University Leadership Council and has sent an email message to the individuals who comprise that group regarding the use of the Staff Council in consideration of issues of interest to the staff at UT. President Faulkner also said that he wants to review and revitalize the University Standing Committee structure. Frank inferred that this may allow for more voting positions for staff.

Chair Simon outlined the organization and procedures for general meetings of the Staff Council. The meetings will be organized to protect: the right of the majority to decide; the right of the minority to be heard; the rights of individual members; and the rights of absentees. Debate will not be limited nor a decision forced without the consensus of the Council. Agendas will be organized to conduct business in an organized and timely manner requesting concise officer and committee reports, to preserve time for adequate debate on issues and to allow time for members to bring new items for consideration. Representatives were asked to rise to speak and to give their name and district when recognized by the chair.

Chair Simon discussed the procedures for distribution of meeting agendas and reports to conserve paper, staff resources and to utilize web and email while making certain paper copies are provided to representatives without email and web access. In general, agendas and committee reports should be sent to the Secretary via email to allow time for distribution of the agenda by email and posting to the Staff Council web page. Committee reports will be posted with the minutes of the meeting in which reports were given. Representatives without email or web access will be provided paper copies through campus mail. We intend to provide paper copies of important documents for all members; proposed bylaws or amendments would be examples.

Vice Chair's Report:

Bruce Moore reported on the UT System Advisory Council meeting he and Chair Frank Simon attended July 19-20, 2001. Officers elected include Chair Lorraine Etkin, UTMD Anderson Cancer Center; Vice Chair Terri Reynolds, UT San Antonio; Secretary Lee Arisano UT El Paso; Historian Sherill Boline, UT System. Committees established include Benefits, Compensation, Policy and Communications; chairs and vice chairs of these committees were elected. The next meeting is March 28-29, 2002. Minutes will be posted on the UT System Employee Advisory Council web site <>

Secretary's Report:

Peggy Mueller discussed the distribution of the previous meeting's minutes and the agenda for this meeting by email for 70 representatives, on paper through campus mail for 5 representatives and posting to the web. She asked for individuals to contact her if they have not received these items and/or need these documents in different formats. The names of representatives present and absent will be added to all minutes.

Committee Reports: (see also Committee Reports, August 16, 2001)

Bylaws Committee Co-chairs Mary Beth Mercatoris and William Sederholm reported on the committee's work in studying parliamentary procedure sources to determine the most appropriate for the Staff Council and bylaws of other organizations. The committee plans to present a well structured set of bylaws to the Council by October.

Committee on Committees Chair Harriet Sullivan reported on their work in reviewing the University Standing Committee structure and outlined their priorities in view of the purpose statement: "to determine which University of Texas Standing Committees have voting positions for University staff, and, to provide recommendations to the Staff Council for nominations to University Standing Committees to be forwarded to the President's Office."

Communications Committee member Greg Murphy reported on their research and discussions with Human Resource Services administrative and technical staff in developing communication strategies. Discussion centered on how representatives can know who is in their district considering staff turnover and changes and how representative can effectively communicate with their constituents. Suggestions included HRS programming for "who is my representative" queries; placing a flier in earnings statements indicating the establishment of the Staff Council and its web site; web page; email; On Campus; staff organizations in colleges and departments; selecting one contact in a geographical or distinct unit who then relays information from (and back to) the district's elected representative to all staff members in that unit; and unit internal newsletters.

Issues Committee member Linda Stacavich reported on their meetings "to develop and recommend to the Staff Council criteria for the evaluation of issues submitted for consideration by the Council." The Council is committed to the ideal that all proposals would be presented to the general session of the council. No subgroup or person would be entitled to censor or refuse proposals. The Council is committed to developing a professional, thorough and organized process for the evaluation of proposals and legislation.

Unfinished Business: (see also Committee Reports, August 16, 2001)

Ad hoc Committee on Shuttle Buses Chair Alan McKendree reported on the committee's meeting and discussion with Dr. Bob Harkins, Director of Parking and Transportation, and Joe Richmond, Capital Metro UT Liaison, on August 1, 2001. Parking and Transportation Services is very interested in exploring avenues of communications about their operations with all University personnel. Dr. Harkins mentioned the possibility of faculty/staff riding all Capital Metro buses for free with UT ID, van pooling and car sharing options. The Disch-Falk (DF) route has been modified to include additional stops. To ensure continued staff input on shuttle bus and parking and transportation issues, Dr. Harkins recommended that the Staff Council move to obtain representation on the Student Shuttle Bus Committee and the University Parking and Transportation Policies Committee.

Ad hoc Committee on the Use of University Police at Staff Meetings Chair Philip Mullins announced that Staff Council representative Rodrigo Rosales had resigned from the ad hoc committee and also from the Staff Council. Representative Joanna Castillo volunteered and Philip Mullins asked that she be appointed to this ad hoc committee. The Chair appointed Ms. Castillo. Chair Mullins provided an interim report which is being reviewed by others and anticipates a full report at the next UT Staff Council meeting. Discussion followed about Staff Council representatives from a specific department as members of a committee investigating internal departmental policies within their employing department and whether this is a conflict of interest. The ad hoc committee was asked to refer to its charge "to investigate and report to the UT Staff Council on the use of UT Police officers at staff meetings based on this situation at an open forum staff meeting in Custodial Services-Physical Services."

New Business:

Harriet Sullivan moved that the Committee on Committee's charge be revised:

  1. To review the structure of existing University Standing Committees and to make recommendations for staff representation on these committees;
  2. To review the structure of existing University Standing Committees and to make recommendations for the creation of new standing committees;
  3. To develop and maintain a process for the submission of nominations to the Staff Council for representation on University Standing Committees to be forwarded to the President's Office for approval.

After discussion the motion was defeated and referred back to the Committee on Committees for the inclusion of "voting representation" in the new wording of the charge.

Greg Murphy moved that two resolutions from the Communications Committee be adopted:

  • RESOLVED, that the Staff Council will publish significant Council documents on the Staff Council web site, maintained by HRS staff; the Secretary of the Council will utilize Campus Mail to send paper copies of those documents upon request.

  • RESOLVED, that HRS staff should create and maintain an email list for the purposes of disseminating information from the Officers to the Council representatives. This list should be open to posting only from the Officers as its purpose is for official announcements, not for discussion.

These two resolutions were adopted.

Chair Frank Simon reported that Cynthia Story (representative from district 106) has a new position and is no longer in district 106. Rodrigo Rosales (district 141) has resigned as representative from that district. There is also one district where no one ran during the initial election. After discussion concerning the need for current representation and election processes in place for these three districts, Glen Worley moved to refer the process to the Bylaws Committee for a long term solution and for the short term to appoint runners up for the districts to serve as interim representatives. The motion carried and the Secretary was asked to work with HRS to facilitate this process.

A question was raised about the holiday schedule for 2001-2002 and it was requested that HRS provide the rationale for no floating holiday hours in the 2001-2002 schedule.

Glen Worley moved that all committees submit their reports to the Secretary electronically in advance of the meeting. The motion carried.

The Executive Committee was asked to evaluate the amount of time required for UT Staff Council work (at monthly meetings, committee meetings and other business) and to work with appropriate UT officials to clarify the amount of time allotted and required to conduct UT Staff Council business.

The meeting adjourned at 4 p.m.

The next meeting of the UT Staff Council will be Thursday, September 20, 2001 at 2:30 p.m. in Main 212.

Peggy Mueller
August 28, 2001

Minutes approved September 20, 2001.

See also Committee Reports, August 16, 2001

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