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Minutes - June 19, 2003

Members present: Pat Alfano, Vickie Amidon, Mack Andrews, Jan Ballard, Karis Beasley, Alison Louise Brown, Philemon Brown, Joni Burks, Helen Burnette, Alanna Burney, Oscar Carmona, Melba Catchings, Johnnie Conley, Julie Cunniff, Marlis Dagg, Laura Davis, Phillip Dubov, Margaret Evans, Patrice Fox, Rick Garza, Phil Gavenda, Sandra Godfrey, Andrew Gordon, Kathy Guajardo, Christy Habecker, John Hibbitts, Gayle Hight, Dora Hilgart, Margaret Hill, Thomas Horn, George Hughes, Steve Johnston, Elizabeth Korves, Noah Lowenstein, Jim McElroy, Frank McIlhaney, Earl McMannis Jr., Kim Montroy, Peggy Mueller, Greg Murphy, John Nelson, Sam Owens, Shannon Palmquist, Chuck Pearson, Jorge Puig, Ana Raley, Kay Randall, Jennifer Scalora, J. R. Schlesinger, Ann Seago, William Sederholm, Frank Simon, Sandra Sleeper, Didi Smith, Stella Smith, Sheril Smith, Joe Sosler, Jerry Spillar, Kitty Villa, Bruce Volbeda, Erin Waneck, Shane Williams, Glen Worley

Members absent with notification: Michael Acuna, Janet Bensman, Augustin Collazo, Royce Gehrels, Bert Herigstad, Vicki Heydron, Kim Johnson, Mary Beth Mercatoris, Amy Pinkston, Leslie Saucedo, Leslie Wood

Members absent: Marcus Horton

Guests: Michelle Dean, Business; Delaney Hall, Daily Texan; Lomi Kriel, Daily Texan; Alan McKendree, Nursing

Human Resource Services: Debra Kress, Monica Reed


Chair Frank Simon called to order the regular meeting of the UT Staff Council at 2:35 p.m. on Thursday, June 19, 2003 in Main 212. 63 UTSC representatives were present.


Frank welcomed and introduced Frank McIlhaney, the interim representative from District 470.2.

Minutes from the previous meeting:

The minutes of the May 15, 2003 meeting were corrected and approved.

Nominations and Elections of Officers for 2003-2004:

Michelle Dean, Chair, Nominations and Elections Committee, conducted the election of UTSC officers for the 2003-2004 year. Michelle first called for nominations from the floor for each position; there were none. Each candidate spoke briefly; then officers were elected.

UTSC Chair: Glen Worley, General Libraries
UTSC Vice Chair: Phillip Dubov, College of Liberal Arts
UTSC Recorder/Secretary: Ann Bottenfield Seago, School of Information

Chair's report:

The UT Staff Council was asked to submit names of two staff members for consideration for the UT Police Department Oversight Committee.

Frank reported on the University Leadership Council meeting on June 16.

Issue 2002-3; 2001-4 (and other related issues) concerning enhancements to the Staff Educational Benefit: Frank reported he had received a letter from President Faulkner dated June 11, 2003 concerning the two UTSC recommendations. The January 2003 minutes report "President Faulkner supports the first recommendation, that UT Austin staff employees working at remote locations, such as the McDonald Observatory at Fort Davis or the Marine Science Institute at Port Aransas, be provided an educational benefit equivalent in value to that provided to UT Austin staff working on the Austin campus. Associate Vice President Kyle Cavanaugh was asked to explore the practical possibilities and to make a recommendation to the Vice Presidents' Council."

President Faulkner's June 11, 2003 letter states " … my understanding is that Associate Vice President Kyle Cavanaugh is taking steps toward implementation." Frank said Human Resource Services is working with the Office of Accounting on the process and HRS believes it will be ready to implement for fall 2003. Human Resource Services will communicate with the UTSC when the final process has been determined.

The second recommendation concerned transferability of the Staff Educational Benefit to a spouse or dependent who is a registered student at UT (if the staff member is not using the Staff Educational Benefit). President Faulkner requested Vice President Patricia Clubb to investigate its practicability and financial implications. Vice President Clubb responded that transferability was not consistent with the goals of the program "to enhance the educational opportunities of UT employees. The University supports and values professional development and career advancement of its own employees." Based on this assessment, President Faulkner declined this second recommendation.

Issue 2001-1: Restructure of the Grievance Policy: Restructuring the grievance policy was the first issue submitted to the newly created UT Staff Council, December 2001. The UTSC Grievance Committee drafted a new policy which was approved by the UTSC and submitted to President Faulkner. President Faulkner (January 3, 2003 letter) directed Kyle Cavanaugh and Frank Simon to "work together to draft a revised policy that could be considered for adoption by the University." Frank and Kyle have worked together over the past months to create a draft. The UTSC Grievance Committee and Executive Committee have reviewed the draft proposals. Frank discussed this draft grievance policy and a comparison with the current policy (HOP 9.49a, dated 1992). Glen Worley moved the UTSC accept this draft and send it to President Faulkner for consideration. After a second, the vote was 38 for, 18 against and 7 abstentions.

Vice Chair's report:

Phillip Dubov stressed again that the work of the Staff Council is completed through committees. He asked UTSC representatives
to submit committee preference forms either on paper or via email. Committee assignments will be completed before the July meeting.

Committee Reports:

Issues Committee: Didi Smith, Chair, reported on the following issues.

Issue 2003-8: Parking Garage day passes
Representative: Rick Garza
Action: This issue is under consideration in Issue 2002-13; therefore Issue 2003-8 is withdrawn.

Issue 2003-9: UTSC news and PR needed
Representative: Jeff Flagg
Action: UTSC Executive Committee referred to the Communications Committee and Committee on University and Public Relations

Issue 2003-10: UTSC Committee work/workload reassignment
Representative: Jeff Flagg
Action: UTSC Executive Committee referred to the Committee on Committees

Issue 2003-11: UTSC redistricting created imbalance
Representative: Jeff Flagg
Action: UTSC Executive Committee referred to the Nominations and Elections Committee

Issue 2003-12: UTSC issue resolution process
Representative: Jeff Flagg
Action: UTSC Executive Committee referred to the Bylaws Committee

Issue 2003-13: Waive readmission fee for staff using Staff Educational Benefit
Representative: Greg Murphy
Action: Accepted and referred to the Miscellaneous Benefits Committee

Classification and Compensation Committee: Jim McElroy, Chair, will report on Issue 2003-6: Guidelines for Vacation Requests, at the July meeting.

New Business:

UTSC meetings will be held in Main 212 from 2:00-3:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month, September 2003 through August 2004, with the exception of the second Thursday in December and March. See meeting dates on the UTSC web site.

Dora Hilgart moved that the UTSC cancel its August 21, 2003 meeting because of University deadlines and business. After a second, the motion passed with 31 voting for cancellation, 19 opposed to cancellation and 6 abstaining. All UTSC committees are asked to meet during August to organize and prepare for the 2003-2004 year.

Installation of Officers for 2003-2004: Glen Worley, Chair; Phillip Dubov, Vice Chair; and Ann Seago, Recorder/Secretary were installed as UTSC officers for 2003-2004. They will continue until the next election of officers in June 2004.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

The next regular meeting of the UTSC is Thursday, July 17, 2003; 2:30-4 p.m., Main 212.

Peggy Mueller
June 30, 2003

Minutes approved July 17, 2003

Updated 2014 September 3
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