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Minutes - August 18, 2005

These minutes were approved at the UT Staff Council meeting on September 15, 2005

Attendance: Yolanda Aldaco, Jeri Baker, Jennifer Betancourt, Carlos Bowles, Alison Louise Brown, Lisa Camero, Johnnie Conley, Marlis Dagg, Vickie Drake, Neil Fahlund, Danielle Fournier, Christine Gauger, Phil Gavenda, Marco Gonzalez, Paul Grotevant, Christy Habecker, Phillip Hebert, Vicki heydron, Tom Horn, Greg Howard, James Janknegt, Amy Jones, Elizabeth Korves, Lynn Lecropane, Candace Legge, Collin Logan, Noah Lowenstein, Debra Madden, Gary Martt, Kimberly Montroy, Terry Moore, Rita Moreno, Joyce Moyer, Pamela Owen, Eric Patkowski, Billie Pierce, Janet Reed, Barbara Reyes, Carl Roell, Christopher Scherer, Craig Schroer, Nadine Schulte, Sandra Sleeper, Olen Smith, Kim Snyder, Barbara Thompson, Alayna Wadleigh, Erin Waneck, Sara Jackson Watson, Ashley Williams, Cynthia Wilson, Andrea Zabcik

Absent with notification: Vanesssa Cobb, Patrice Fox, Claudia Gerardo, Bretna Hackert, Dreya Johannsen, Troy Johnson, Kathy Romberg

Absent: Rufino Aguirre, Layne Brewster-Smith, Melba Catchings, Curtis Drosche, Philip Guerrero, Kelly Liao, Lou Ann Marrs, Laura Najera, Donna O’Kelly, Albert Puga, Edie Shugart, Jennifer Trost, Kim Wallace, JR Watson, Kimberly Williams

Guests: Monica Reed, HRS


  • Gabby Yearwood and Carla Criner have both taken new positions on campus, and are therefore vacating their positions on UTSC.
  • Next meeting is Thursday, September 15, 2005 from 2:00pm to 3:30pm in Main 212

Chair's report:

The chair reported on the Employee Advisory Council meeting held in July. There were discussions of a study regarding a possible universal benefits package for all Texas state agencies. It also appears that there may not be an HMO option available for UT staff after this fiscal year. HMO plans are declining nationwide. The retirement annuity has been changed by SB 1691. There are grandfathered groups. Contact HR for details on changes in retirement.

Vice-Chair's report:

The vice-chair reminded the council that committee chairs should turn in their reports to him at least two weeks prior to a council meeting so that they can be approved for the agenda by the Executive Committee. Additionally, committees should start keeping minutes of their meetings and turn them in to the Recorder after each meeting.

Tom Horn added that the intention is for minutes to be as easily available as possible so that UT staff can see what the Council is doing.

Committee Reports:

Nominations and Elections Committee: Sandra Sleeper, Chair

Sandra Sleeper showed the PowerPoint presentation that has been put together for the purpose of increasing Staff Council representation in certain districts that historically do not have high participation rates, especially Custodial Services. The committee's goal is to have this presentation given at an "all-hands" meeting of the custodial staff. The text of the presentation will also be translated into Spanish. Any suggestions for enhancing the presentation should be sent to the Nominations and Elections Committee.

Issues Committee: Amy Jones, Chair

2005-3: Simplification of Process for Opening and contributing 403B(7) Annuity, submitted by Christopher Scherer, District 511

The issues committee recommended that this issue be accepted and sent to the Miscellaneous Benefits committee. A motion was made, seconded, and passed to accept the issue and refer it to Miscellaneous Benefits committee.

2005-4: Compensation for "Use It or Lose It" Vacation Leave, submitted by Neil Fahlund, District 502

The issues committee recommended that this issue be accepted and sent to the Miscellaneous Benefits committee. There was discussion of whether this issue involved a matter of Texas state law. A motion was made, seconded, and passed to refer this issue to the Compensation Committee rather than Miscellaneous Benefits, and then a motion was made, seconded, and passed to accept the issue.

2005-5: Custodial Parking, submitted by Kiersten (Candance) Legge, District 530.3

The issues committee recommended that this issue be accepted and sent to the Parking and Transportation Committee. There was some discussion of particular parking restrictions and times, specifically relating to the "AN" permit that is available. A motion was made, seconded, and passed to accept the issue and refer it to the Parking and Transportation Committee.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:39 p.m.

Updated 2014 September 3
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