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Minutes for January 2007

January 26, 2007 at 2 P.M.
Avaya Auditorium-ACES building

Members Present: Denise Berry, Sharon Bernard, Linda Breining, Layne Brewster-Smith, Lisa Camero, Vanessa Cobb, Tommy Downey, Vickie Drake, Lara Eakins, Nelson Fahlund, Danielle Fournier, Claudia Gerardo, Philip Guerrero, Tom Horn, Mari Johnson, Troy Johnson, Shelton Lewis, Kelly Liao, Cynthia May, Michael McFarlin, Alan McKendree, Kim Montroy, Rita Moreno, Joyce Moyer, Pamela Owen, Eric Patkowski, Elaine Rafferty, Sandra Sleeper, Olen Smith Mark Smyth, Barbara Thompson, Salwa Uzri, Kim Wallace, Erin Waneck, Ashley Williams, Blake Willms, Nadine Schulte

Members Absent: Timothy Barber, Steve Brahm, Greg Browning, Johnnie Conley, Patrice Fox, Christine Gauger, Lisa Gentry, Mark Gonzalez, Bretna Hackert, Bob Hemby, Sara Jackson Watson, Dreya Johannsen, Richard Lee, Candace Legge, Debra Madden, Gary Martt, Terry Moore, Linda Overton, Heather Pafk, Monica Pena-Mercado, Martha Ramey, Ben Rodriguez, Carl Roell, Felix Sanchez, Chris Scherer, Allison Supancic, Debbie Warden, James Watson, Kim Williams

Meeting Commenced at 2:08 PM with quorum.


  • Amy Jones has resigned from the Issues chair position and UTSC, due to separating employment from UT. Blake Wilms has been selected as the new Issues chair.
  • Mark Gonzales has resigned his position as Secretary Recorder, as his work requires more time commitment. Also, although November minutes are not ready, December minutes will be asked for approval later.
  • University Leadership meeting:
    • Top 10% rule needs to be modified, perhaps top 7% and only one part of the criteria judged.
    • No moratorium on tuition increase, as costs are still increasing faster than tuition and the value of money spent on the education is still great.
    • No free tuition will be offered to faculty’s family members, as is the case with many private universities.
    • Erin asked President about insurance money shortfall from Legislature, nothing known at this time, as Leg. has not met.
  • Erin has received messages about UTSC from staff members, so word is getting out. UTSC now has ability to send out messages to entire University, so representatives are not solely responsible for getting information to constituents. However, it is important for reps to stay in contact with their districts. As well, the meetings are being streamed and the minutes are on line.
  • Attendance at the meetings is CRUCIAL. Without quorums (which have been razor thin the past several meetings), issues can not be voted on.
    • 3 consecutive missed meetings without notification will result in a letter from the Executive committee, asking if you want to continue serving.
  • Erin presented some new logos, the council seemed to like the cog wheel design best.


  • Eric Patkowski presented the standing committee revisions that were read at the last meeting for approval. The revisions were approved.


  • There are still 9 vacancies, however it has not been the same vacancies since the beginning. As soon as one is filled, another becomes open. However vacancies are being filled.
    • Officers can now send emails to other districts and Danielle has been sending blanket notices to dredge up interest from districts with vacancies. This method has resulted in several responses, which has produced better response than working with the district contacts. She will continue to send emails in this fashion until vacancies are either filled, or elections solve the vacancy problems.


  • A motion was made and seconded to make Vickie Drake the Recorder Secretary, to fill the vacancy left by Mark’s resignation. Motion was approved.
  • December’s minutes were approved, with the condition that a statement was inserted that the meeting did achieve quorum before any business was voted upon.



  • 8 members, with one vacancy
  • Have held 4 meetings since September to close outstanding issues.
  • Met with P&T Services to ask questions from the issues, learned the PTS’s revenue is based on citations and permits. Parking cannot be funded from state money.
  • Closed issues will have letters drafted to the submitter.


  • Are resolving 5 outstanding issues:
    • Met with Julien Carter to clarify outsourcing issue, but have not written a report. Employees who are made redundant receive special consideration and attempts are made to find them new employment with the University. The committee made a recommendation to offer training to these affected staff to help them be more marketable.


  • Insurance is still in the early stages of planning for a health care symposium.
  • We have met to resolve 2 outstanding issues, one on TMJ and the other ostomy supplies. Reports will be forthcoming.
  • Tom asked about UTSWIAC information, especially about insurance shortfall, but there is no new information to report. Vickie assured she would pass along any new information about this situation.


  • Committee has met to try and resolve 2 issues that are outstanding, 2006-10 and 2006-13. The committee will be meeting to delve further into these issues and come up with answers to address some of the concerns they have.
  • Tom Horn asked about the mediation process not being “kosher”, with DRO/ER investigating issues regarding disputes, so that it is hard for a staff member in a dispute to get backing. Has this issue progressed to HR?
    • Those are the next steps the committee will take with this issue.
    • UTSC will be working on a Dispute Resolution survey, in order to gather better information with DR outcomes.


  • Libraries are going to be a part of the University’s next capital campaign. Funds are needed to grow the collection, in order to attract the best faculty and students.


  • Troy Johnson presented information from the last faculty council meetings he attended. Issues were similar to those from UTSC: grievances, compensation, etc…
  • Education Curriculum reform passed.
  • The new Provost search was a hot topic, but has now been selected.
  • The funding value ration (1 to 25) was also discussed.
  • Salary structure and merit raises: President Powers is for merit raises and equitable salaries.
  • Hottest topic was the new addition to the stadium, with the high cost of putting in the new wing, and skyboxes.
  • Faculty are going to get an assistant ombudsman


  • Nominations & Elections committee will be meeting with Julien Carter to streamline the process for the May elections, in order to avoid problems like last year.
  • Picnic idea: UTSC would like to have an away from work picnic this Spring. If anyone has ideas for locations, preferably central/near campus, please email them to the Executive committee.
  • New Business: Tom Horn wanted to affirm his belief that the council is going in the right direction, with strong leadership and will not just turn into a rubber stamp or mouthpiece for the University.


Watch the web recording of this meeting at e-rtsp:// (you will need a plug-in, which can be downloaded from


Updated 2014 September 3
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