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Special Silent Auction to Benefit HFSA Scholarship Fund
The 2006-2007 HFSA Executive Committee announced a special silent auction today to be held during the first general meeting of the new academic year, Tuesday, September 12, 2006. The special silent auction is being held to benefit the Hispanic Faculty/Staff Association - Jamail/Long Challenge Grant Scholarship fund.
Individual contribution forms will be available for HFSA members and friends who want to contribute to the scholarship fund, but don't want to participate in the silent auction. Please note, this special auction is a unique event. Plans are still in place to hold the live and silent auctions normally held every year during the Holiday Fiesta. Any money raised from those auctions will still benefit the HFSA Scholarship fund, but will not be matched as was previously the case.
Rosa Treviño-Boiko and Diane Higginbotham are currently collecting donated items from HFSA members and friends. Please contact one of these two officers if you have an item to donate for the auction.
Many thanks for your willingness to support such an outstanding program, and don't forget your checkbooks on September 12th!