In compliance with relevant provisions of federal law, The University of Texas at Austin is required to make policy and programmatic information available to the campus community as well as to prospective students and employees. Each year, enrolled students are notified via email about the website where these reports can be accessed and reviewed. Faculty and staff receive similar notifications, either by e-mail or through campus mail. Hard copies of these reports can also be obtained from the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. All prospective employees may obtain a copy of these reports from Human Resource Services.

Annual Security Report - 2014

The Annual Security Report contains crime statistics for the last three years, how to report criminal actions and timely warnings, emergency communications and evacuation procedures, how to prevent and report crimes, security of and access to campus facilities, university policy jurisdiction, personal safety measures, monitoring off-campus criminal activity, sexual assault prevention, missing student notification policy, statement of policy on alcohol and drugs and educational programming opportunities, and the drug free schools and communities information.

Annual Fire Safety Report – 2014

The Annual Fire Safety Report contains fire statistics for the past year, the definitions for fire, the fire log, the residence hall fire safety systems descriptions, the fire drill records, the residence hall policies pertaining to fire, fire evacuation procedures, fire safety training, how to report a fire, and future improvements for fire safety and prevention.

Notice of Non-discrimination and Consumer Information Notices – 2014

The Consumer Information Notice contains reminder information on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, services for students with disabilities, Constitution Day compliance information, voter registration information, sex offender registry information, current tuition and rates information, graduation rates, enrollment data, accreditation information, athletic participation information, study abroad information, financial aid information, rights and responsibilities of financial aid recipients, information on the residence halls, Title IX/ADA/504/Title VI and Age Discrimination act coordinator and illegal file sharing of copyrighted materials information.

Biennial Review Report – 2012

Federal and state laws and The Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System require the University of Texas at Austin to develop policies and enforce sanctions related to the abuse of alcohol and other drugs. These policies and sanctions are only one aspect of the University’s initiative to develop a campus community in which alcohol and drugs do not impede the educational mission of the institution. The objective of this report is to assess the University’s Alcohol and Other Drug efforts toward compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations, 34 CFR Part 86, The Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act.

Age Discrimination Act of 1975

Youth Protection Program

Title IX - sex discrimination, sexual harassment (including sexual violence), or sexual misconduct