Scott Eshbaugh

College of Fine Arts

Major: Design

Internship: Chaotic Moon

Scott Eshbaugh

Over the summer I had the opportunity to work as a design intern with Chaotic Moon, a mobile application studio located in Austin, Texas. They formed as a start up in 2010 and have exponentially grown into a leading company in the mobile media industry with several Fortune 100 clients. Chaotic Moon also has gaming and lab departments. CM.Games develops for mobile devices and CM.Labs develops groundbreaking concepts—like a mind-controlled skateboard using Microsoft’s Kinect.

Chaotic Moon does a lot right to standout in a competitive industry and I used my chance as an intern to learn all I could. As a part of the design team I worked under designers and a creative director assisting them with concepts, preparing and delivering assets to developers, and making revisions on projects in development.

I am grateful to have worked as a part of team with great leadership and camaraderie. I observed their technical and conceptual design processes, how they collaborated with clients, and how they worked together with each other. I walked away with a greater understanding of the profession and what it looks like to design with clients shaping the end result. I know it will be a monumental step in my career.

The great learning experience and relationships I built aside, Chaotic Moon is a blast to work at. A creative energy pervades the company and it’s wild to think that the work I am a part of is leading the Internet of tomorrow!