Information for Departments

Purchase Bevo Bucks for Students

Your department can purchase Bevo Bucks for students. As a department we can do an Inter-Departmental Transfer (IDT/VT5) to process the charge for Bevo Bucks.

To process an IDT we will need:

  1. A list of the students names, EIDs, and Bevo Bucks amounts
  2. Account Number and Object Code to charge
  3. Official Occasion Expense Form if using 1309 or 1347 object codes: Official Occasion Expense Form.

Please email this information to, bring it by our office located in the Division of Housing and Food Service central office in Kinsolving Hall (200 W. Dean Keeton St.) or put it in campus mail addressed to: Bevo Bucks Office, DHFS - KIN, Mail Code E1800.

Object Code Help:
To see a complete list of object codes, see *DEFINE command GG8 for a list by code order or GG9 for a list by keyword order. You can see which object codes are permitted on an account using *DEFINE screen GO7. To find out which object code you should use, consult your accountant.

Become an On-Campus Merchant

If your department is interested in joining the Bevo Bucks program, we'd like to hear from you.

Please call (512) 471-6318 or email us at: for more information.

Helpful Links after you are a Bevo Bucks Merchant

Merchant Transaction Processor

View Transactions for your Location You will need an Electronic ID(EID) to access UT's secure server. Click here to get a UT EID.

Call (512) 471-6318 to get authorization to view transactions for your location.

Bevo Bucks
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