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LiveHereApartments - Resident and Guest Parking

Speed limits on University Apartments streets and parking areas are 15 mph. Motor vehicles, including motorcycles, must not be driven or parked on lawns and sidewalks around the University Apartments, including Jasper Park next to Brackenridge Apartments. Yellow curbs, in front of dumpsters and fireplugs, are "No Parking" areas. Watch for children in crosswalks.

Vehicle Requirements: The license plate registration and State inspection sticker on automobiles, motorcycles, motorbikes, mopeds, trailers or boats must be current for vehicles parked on the University Apartments streets and parking areas. Any vehicle found with expired registration or expired inspection is subject to towing at the owner's expense after 10 days notification. Personal boats and trailers must be parked in the designated guest parking areas only. Please check with the Apartments Office or your Community Advisor for the location in your complex. Trailers used for outside commercial purposes are not allowed in University Apartments. Due to a high occupancy rate, parking areas closest to the apartments are reserved only for cars. University Vehicles parked illegally are subject to towing at the owner's expense. Abandoned vehicles will be removed in accordance with the University Abandoned Vehicle policy.

Abandoned Vehicles: Your car may be towed if it is what Texas Traffic Law defines as an abandoned vehicle. An abandoned vehicle is one that has remained more than 48 hours on:

  • Public property, is inoperable and more than five years old, or is left in an illegal position or manner
  • Private property without consent of the property owner or person in charge
  • Vehicles may also be towed if they:

  • Are inoperable
  • Do not display valid license plate registration or motor vehicle inspection sticker
  • Are wrecked, dismantled, discarded or continuously inoperable for more than 72 consecutive hours on public property or 30 consecutive days on private property
  • Vehicles may also be towed following a complaint about the vehicle
  • Parking Placards: A University Apartment hanging parking placard should be hung from the rear view mirror, or place it on the dash of the vehicle where the number is easily seen. Parking placards are only for residents that are listed on the apartment contract and each apartment gets one parking placard. For any additional placards, residents must complete a separate form justifying the second placard. No one will be given more than two parking placards. There is no charge for the parking placard up front, but if placards are lost, the replacement fee for the first lost placard is $30 and for any subsequent lost placards, the cost is $60. Cars without placards are subject to being towed. Signs are posted at all street entrances to University Apartments notifying all residents and guests that non-permitted vehicles will be towed and list the telephone number of the towing company.

    Guest Parking: Guest Parking Spaces are clearly labeled "GUEST" at all complexes. Guests must park only in Guest Parking spaces to avoid being towed. Resident vehicles without official University Apartment parking placards must also park Guest spaces. Otherwise they are considered trespassers and are subject to towing at owner's expense.

    Short Term Parking: Temporary short term parking spaces are provided in spaces around each complex. You may park in these spaces for no more than 30 minutes and your vehicle flashers must be on at all times. Anyone parking for more than 30 minutes and/or without their flashers on, will be subject to towing at owner's expense.

    Vehicle Registration and Parking Acknowledgement

    Secondary Vehicle Registration form

    Guest parking maps

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