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LiveHere - CommunitiesJester West (JSW) - Co-ed Residence Hall

As a part of the largest residence hall at UT, Jester West offers residents an ideal combination of top-notch facilities and amenities with a vast array of academic programs and social opportunities. Plus some premier dining facilities for your pleasure.

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Jester West Residence Hall
201 E. 21st Street
Austin, TX 78705

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Pictures of Jester Residence Hall

Hall Features

  • Jester West is home to some of our premier dining facilities, giving students convenience, affordability and extensive dining options in one location. The Jester Second Floor Dining Room is an unlimited buffet dining center, whereas the first floor houses our popular a-la-carte venues. Options include Jester City Limits, Jesta' Pizza and Jester Java just to name a few.
  • Rooms with community baths
  • Visit the brand new Gallery of Texas Cultures
  • Study rooms
  • Computer lab
  • Big screen TV room
  • Grand piano
  • Recreational Sports/Gregory Gym nearby
  • Jester City Market
  • Conveniently located across from the Perry-Castaneda Library and the Colleges of Education and Business
  • Accessible accommodations available.
  • Tours of this facility are available daily.

In their own words

Real Residents Speak About Living in Jester

"The best thing about living in Jester West is meeting so many new people. There is always something to do and always people ready to hang out or go to events, whether that be in the hall or around campus."
Andrew Houston, Architecture and Urban Studies major

"As an RA of Jester West, I've realized that this hall is more than just another place to live, but also a place of valuable experience. The people I work with and the residents I interact with are some of the most interesting people I'll meet in a lifetime, and I feel proud to be part of the culture that is Jester. It also helps that, as a resident, I can wake up 10 minutes before class and still be on time."
Adrian Tan, Biology major

"When you step into Jester West, you feel the heartbeat of UT. With students crisscrossing to get to classes, student organizations tabling day after day inviting you to become involved, and residents studying, playing pool, cooking, and eating meals together, you can't help but feel energized by all the activities happening. I have lived here all four years and I've loved every moment."
Brooke Packheiser, Chemical Engineering major

"I spent most of my undergraduate career living in a small residence hall community on the north side of campus. Those years were great and filled with wonderful memories, and I couldn?t have imagined living anywhere else on campus until I moved to Jester West. To put it simply, it is a remarkable place. There are so many personalities, interests, and cultures living together in this building of approximately 2100 students. You do not have to look far in order to find a fantastic group of people."
Daniel Phan, Chemistry major

"Jester is such a vibrant place to live. Students are comfortable to live, learn, and laugh in these halls as they grow in their first years of college. Living here has opened tremendous opportunities to make lasting friends."
Lindsey Foo, Speech and Language Pathology major

"Jester West, in my opinion, is the most diverse place on campus, whether it is year, major, or interests."
Helen Tau, Business Honors and Finance major

"You don't even need to leave the building to get food. It's super close to the PCL as well as Gregory Gym. JWest is the best!"
Elaine Lin, Management Information Systems major

"I have lived in Jester two years now: first year as a resident and my second as a resident assistant. The fact that I am still here shows just how much I love Jester! It is the hub of campus and has more residents than any other residence hall at UT. There are people everywhere! I met some of my closest friends at Jester. There is never a dull or lonely moment when living in this hall!"
Funmi Babalola, Nutrition major

"I've live all over the 40 acres - Kinsolving, San Jacinto, BRP - but Jester West has been the best home yet."
Miranda Grummons, Government, International Relations, Middle Eastern Studies majors

A Bit of History

Jester is named in honor of Governor of Texas Beauford H. Jester who served Texas as governor from January 21, 1947 to July 11, 1949. He received a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Law degree from UT in 1916 and 1920 respectfully. The red tiled roof and tan bricked Jester Center including Jester East and West Residence Halls and Jester Academic was built in 1969 to house almost 3000 students. Since Jester was originally built, it has gone from an all male tower and all female tower to both towers being coed, sometimes by floor and sometimes by rooms within a single floor. There have also been a number of repairs and improvements to the building and food service facilities.

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