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Supplemental Housing

What Is Supplemental Housing?

DHFS feels strongly about offering the experience of living on campus to as many students as possible. Living on campus is an important part of the college experience. When all of our permanent space has been offered to students, supplemental space is offered to those still wanting to live on campus.

Supplemental rooms are spaces in the residence halls that are converted into living space. They tend to be larger than regular rooms and many are carpeted. Every supplemental room has furniture just like permanent rooms, including things like a MicroFridge, cable TV outlet and internet port. Supplemental space is located in almost every residence hall. There are typically 3-4 students living in each supplemental space room instead the normal 2 in a permanent room, as supplemental spaces are typically larger than permanent rooms and can accommodate more students.

Students may live in supplemental space until permanent space becomes available. The DHFS office works throughout the year to move students currently living in supplemental housing to a permanent room as those spaces become available. When students move to a permanent space, they receive a 10% discount on the room portion of the price for the number of days they lived in supplemental space. It is not uncommon for students to request to remain in their current room if they are offered permanent space. In fact, most students who have lived in supplemental housing would recommend it to incoming students!

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For most residents, supplemental housing is a just temporary space until they are offered permanent room assignments. But for many, it's home.

"I was worried at first, but living here's been great. I didn't want to leave when given the choice. If you are offered supplemental housing, don't freak out. There are definitely some perks you might not realize at first. You get a bigger room, and knowing three people right off the bat when coming here is better than knowing just one." - Dania Abbasi

"After living in supplemental housing and being offered permanent housing, I must say that I simply loved my supplemental housing and decided to stay for the rest of my semester at UT. I got along really well with my roommates, and we had more space and better beds than the regular rooms. Made a lot of good friends and had plenty of space for studying and chilling." - Marcelo Dzialoszynski

"Initially I was a little hesitant, but I was encouraged by the 10% discount. I am happy with my decision in hindsight. I got a large room with 3 new friends. Also, since we are all engineering majors, we ended up having classes together and help each other with homework." - Jeffrey Seeliger

"Don't be afraid. Because the rooms are so large, it was easier to feel like you had your own space." - Katelyn Inkster

Click the image below to see a slideshow of photos from two different supplemental rooms.

Supplemental Room

Frequently Asked Questions

DHFS works hard to make the living on campus experience positive for all students, including those living in supplemental housing. Here are some FAQs about supplemental housing. Feel free to email us with other questions as well.

How long will I be living in supplemental housing?
DHFS works throughout the year to move students in supplemental spaces to permanent rooms. Some offers to move to permanent rooms may occur before the Fall semester even begins, while others might not happen until the Spring semester. It is all dependent on when permanent spaces become available.

What if I don't want to move out?
Depending on the needs of the residence hall, some supplemental spaces may be required to be vacated. If a room is not required to be vacated, we will give residents the option to remain in their room as long as the room's occupancy stays above 51%. For example, in a 4-person supplemental space, if 3 would like to stay while 1 would like to move to a permanent room, that would be fine. If only 2 roommates would like to stay, DHFS would be unable to offer that option since that is not more than 51% of the room occupancy.

How does the discount work?
Students living in supplemental housing receive a 10% discount on the housing portion of their bill for each day they live in a supplemental space. If the student is offered a permanent room, but decides to stay in supplemental housing, the discount would end on the date the permanent housing was declined.

What is included in the supplemental space?
Just like in the permanent rooms in the residence halls, each room's exact layout is different depending on which hall you are in. In each supplemental space there will be a bed, desk, chair, chest of drawers, and hanging space for every roommate. There will also be a microfridge, cable TV outlet, and internet port. Supplemental rooms unfortunately do not have sinks, but neither do some permanent rooms.

Where are the supplemental spaces located?
There are supplemental spaces in every residence hall. The majority are located in Jester Center.

Do supplemental spaces give you enough room?
Supplemental spaces are typically bigger than permanent rooms. We look at each supplemental space, making sure that there will be enough room for every student, the furniture provided, and their personal belongings. Most students living in a supplemental space feel like they have more room than students living in a permanent room. And just like in a permanent space, we would never put more students than would actually fit into a supplemental space.

When do I receive my supplemental assignment?
We will offer contracts for supplemental housing once all contracts for permanent rooms have been offered. If you accept the contract for supplemental housing, you will not receive your official supplemental housing assignment until you arrive on campus. Assignments are made at this time because we are working on finding you permanent housing before you check-in.

How do you match roommates in supplemental housing?
We match roommates by age and major. If two students who both receive supplemental contracts request each other to be roommates, you will be able to put that on your preferences. We unfortunately cannot match a student with a supplemental contract with a student who has a permanent contract.

If my preferred roommate has a permanent contract, and I have a supplemental contract, can we room together?
We cannot match roommates with two different contract types. If two students who both have supplemental contracts would like to room together, you will be able to put that down on your preferences.

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