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Apply NOW for Summer Positions!

Hoping to stay in Austin this summer? Want to work on campus? DHFS is hiring summer positions now! Apply now to be a Summer Resident Assistant, Summer Conference Assistant or Summer Desk Assistant. Click here to apply. Applications close Friday 4/8/2016 at noon.

What is the Resident Assistant position?

See the full Resident Assistant Job Description

An RA is a representative of the Division of Housing and Food Service whose primary role is to ensure that the students living in our residence halls are having a positive, meaningful experience. RAs have many administrative responsibilities, such as: regular attendance at trainings/meetings, fire/life/safety inspections and room condition forms, completing mail and desk procedures, etc. RAs are also the primary resource for residents, which means that they should be knowledgeable about their community, Residence Life, and UT in general in order to share that knowledge with their residents.

Similarly, RAs are responsible for building community through educational programming and planned social interactions. In order to maintain a safe and inclusive environment, RAs must enforce policy and manage crises as they arise within the residence halls.

Another vital aspect of being an RA involves working on a team with other RAs and professional staff members, and supporting the mission, vision, and goals of the team, the department, and the university. The RA position includes a monthly stipend of $134, one bed space in a designated residence hall, and a declining balance meal plan.

Testimonials from Current RAs


I've made some of my closest friends, grown professionally, as well as personally, and have had so much fun along this journey. One bit of advice I would throw at a new candidate is that you will get out of this experience what you put in. So be excited and get ready for some adventures!


Initially, I wanted to be an RA because I wanted to mentor students through adjusting to college, making friends, and becoming better versions of themselves. It's really been one of the top 3 decisions I've made in college. Ultimately, I get to be part of something greater than myself.


Here is a quick tip. There isn't a mold to being an RA. The only thing that can make you a great RA is to be yourself. You have to be genuine to earn trust, and that is the most important thing for an RA to do.


I wanted to be an RA so I could help build an awesome community for residents, especially freshman new to campus! Being an RA has been one of the best decisions I have made in college. I have not only been able to meet some great residents and build a fun and safe community in my hall, but also I've met some of my best friends!


Being an RA gives you a sense of duty and responsibility to your residents, and you have the ability to literally change someone's life. We're here to make a difference, and being an RA really gives you the resources to cause that change.


You learn life skills that you will not get anywhere else. You get to work with so many people from so many different backgrounds and learn what diversity truly means. One tip for a new candidate is to smile, be friendly, and don't be afraid to talk about how awesome you are. Confidence!


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Our most frequently asked questions:

Is there a particular type of personality that DHFS looks for?
In general, we look for candidates who exhibit strong leadership abilities or potential, have good communication skills, are dependable and responsible, think creatively, are good team players, and are enthusiastic about being an RA! We have an incredibly diverse staff of RAs. Every RA has a different style, background, and perspective that will contribute uniquely to our team. The best thing you can do throughout the selection process is to be yourself! We want to know how you will think, feel and respond as an RA.
I really want to become an RA but I hear that it is really competitive. Do you think I will have a chance?
Although a large number of candidates generally do apply, we encourage anyone would believe they would make a good RA to apply - you may be just what we're looking for!
What training will RAs receive?
RAs attend an orientation in the spring and get an estimated full week of training before residents move into the residence halls in the fall. There are mandatory trainings prior to the opening of the residence halls in both the spring and fall semesters. RAs will receive more details about specific training dates once hired.
What does being "on-call" mean?
An on-call is when an RA is expected to remain in the building, ready to respond to any problems or emergencies that may arise. On-calls begin at 5pm on weekdays and go until 8am the next day. On-calls for weekends begin at 5pm and go until 5pm the following afternoon.
Are RAs required to have a roommate?
No. Resident Assistants may request a roommate, have a roommate assigned, or choose to pay for the room as a single. Resident Assistants who choose to have a single room will pay the difference between a double and single room. For the 2016-2017 long session, this amount will be approximately $3,430.
Do RA's spend their own money putting on programs?
No. RAs can request funds from their RA account through the Hall Coordinator, can request funds from their Residence Hall Council, or can request funds from URHA.
What are an RA's job responsibilities and how much time does that take?
The RA job is an estimated 15 hours a week, varying week to week. All RAs have on-calls, must make bulletin boards, and are expected to fulfill a sufficient number of programming and individual interactions with residents; all other duties vary by hall. RAs also work 5 hours per week at a desk operation as part of their RA responsibilities.
How many hours can I take and still be a Resident Assistant?
RAs should consult with their Hall Coordinator for school schedules; different majors require different amounts of time for class. All RAs are expected to take 12 hours minimum, and must get approval to take over 16 hours.
What are the rules regarding an RA staying for holidays?
Generally, an RA is expected to work for one of three break periods: Thanksgiving break, Spring Break (1st half), or Spring Break (2nd half). Decisions are determined within staffs.
Are there other opportunities for student staff employment within the residence halls?
Separate applications for summer RA, summer Conference Assistant, and summer Desk Assistants will be available in the spring semester.
Where can I get writing assistance for my RA application or interview assistance for my RA interview?
You are highly encouraged to get writing assistance for your RA application from the University Writing Center, PCL 2.330 ( You can also contact your school's career services office for interview assistance (