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Summer/Fall and Spring Positions

Conference Assistant, Clerical Assistant and Summer Resident Assistant Position Announcements and Timelines

Applications are now being accepted for summer positions and fall & spring clerical positions. Visit the following link to apply for these positions: Apply for Summer/Fall and Spring Positions.

Applications will be available March 7 - March 20, 2011

Additional Position Descriptions can be found at: Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 20, 2011.

Position descriptions for all summer positions are listed below.

Summer Resident Assistant - Position Announcement

The Resident Assistant's Contribution to Residence Hall Living:

Resident Assistants (RAs) are regularly enrolled undergraduates and graduates who serve as part of the DHFS Residence Life Staff. They live on a floor with 40 to 60 students and promote opportunities for social interaction, personal growth and academic achievement among residents. RAs provide a link between residents and University offices and staff. Therefore, they must be acquainted with the academic resources and student services on campus.

Resident Assistants must possess characteristics of maturity, personal warmth, and the ability to develop meaningful relationships with many types of people, openness to new experiences and learning, flexibility and the capability to react with emotional stability in situations of stress. They must also be able to evaluate situations objectively and to deal constructively with the wide range of human emotions in themselves and others. While we do not expect Resident Assistants to be professional counselors, they should be open and available to other residents for discussions about academic, vocational, financial, health, and other concerns; they should be aware also that not all persons experiencing difficulties will seek help.

The Resident Assistant position demands a heavy time commitment, as is indicated by the job expectations listed; it is also fun and rewarding. The RA receives personal benefit from learning and improving personal and human relations skills, which will serve well in future employment and everyday living.


* Complete 30 semester hours prior to employment * Maintain a cumulative and semester grade point average of 2.5 or above and good disciplinary standing * Complete 2 semesters of group living experience * Hold no other assistantship or employment during the appointment, unless approved by the Area Manager * Demonstrate ability to work well with both individuals and groups * Exhibit the ability to communicate effectively * Comply with limit on outside activities and offices, forego other employment and limit course load to not more than 12 hours for summer school, 6 hours each session. (Note: Might be able to take 9 hours per session with supervisory approval) Summer staff who will be RAs in Fall 2009 may not take classes during session two of summer school due to Fall RA Training commitments. * Must be a regularly enrolled student as defined by the Quantity of Work Rule in the General Information Catalogue at the University of Texas at Austin

Remuneration and Benefits

Resident Assistants receive a stipend of approximately $134.00 per month. RAs should expect to work an average of 15 hours per week. This may increase during peak periods. Work begins May 28, 2011, and ends August 18, 2011.

A room in a designated residence hall and meal plan (while DHFS food venues are operating) are provided and required.

Resident Assistant Job Expectations

The following is an attempt to help the prospective RA better understand the job expectations. This list is not intended to be all-inclusive. You will receive more specific information from your supervisor.

1. Evaluate the needs of your living area and assist in the implementation of a balance of programs using a wellness model.

2. Make regular efforts to establish a meaningful relationship with each person on your floor.

3. Perform desk duty (or its equivalent) of approximately five hours per week.

4. Spend a minimum of three evenings per week in the hall and on your floor. You will spend a good deal of time interacting with residents and this expectation is, by all means, a minimum.

5. Be away from the residence hall no more than one weekend per month. You must clear any absence with your supervisor at least one week in advance. A weekend away begins at noon on Friday and ends Sunday at midnight.

6. Sleep in your residence hall every evening except for your weekend away.

7. Attend all meetings called by your supervisor. Also, you may have to attend various floor meetings.

8. Fulfill all required "on-duty" responsibilities as designated and/or as needed should emergencies arise.

9. During the first few weeks of school, you will spend a good amount of extra time establishing relationships with residents, getting to know resident needs, implementing extra activities to familiarize residents with each other and their community, making the hall more conducive to a community environment, and in the case of new residents, helping them adjust to the University community.

10. Effectively and promptly perform all administrative duties as designated.

11. Act as resource person for both the University and residence halls.

12. Understand, support and enforce University and residence hall policies.

13. Participate in periodic evaluations of your performance.

Conference Assistant - Position Announcement

The Conference Program

Each summer from the middle of May to the middle of August housing accommodations, meal services and meeting facilities are available to University-sponsored groups through the Division of Housing and Food Service Summer Conference Program. Conferees are housed primarily in Jester Center, Moore-Hill and San Jacinto Halls. The Summer Conference Program serves approximately 16,000 persons, including Summer Orientation and a diverse group of institutes, professional and other educational meetings and youth groups. In addition to serving the needs of the University community, the Summer Conference Program assists in maintaining low student room and meal rates by offsetting ongoing operating expenses and providing year-round employment to many dedicated University staff members.

The Position

Conference Assistants' responsibilities include:

1. Provide desk staff coverage, including evenings and weekends, including: providing customer service, answering the telephone, keeping the main lobby free from litter and performing clerical and other tasks in support of the conference program.

2. Sharing on-call duty for conference-occupied facilities. The Conference Assistant on call will be responsible for handling maintenance and housekeeping problems, lock-outs and other emergency situations, notifying appropriate personnel as needed and for giving assistance as requested by the Coordinators and Assistant Coordinators. Conference Assistants will be asked to reside in a specific location to provide support as needed.

3. Assisting with check-ins and checkouts, key and room inventories and preparation for and service to over 80 conference groups.

4. Performing other duties as requested by the Conference Coordinators and staff.

5. Being present and available to work the entire summer, beginning with training in May.


1. A cumulative and semester grade point average of 2.5 and a minimum of 30 semester hours.

2. Accuracy in performing clerical tasks.

3. Ability to work with a diverse population of conference staff and guests.

4. Willingness to work varied hours, especially nights and weekends, on a schedule which changes weekly. Any extra-curricular activity must be approved by a supervisor, in writing, before employment begins.

5. Work experience in the Division of Housing and Food Service in computer data entry is preferred. Customer service experience preferred.

Remuneration and Benefits

Conference Assistants receive a stipend of approximately $252.00 per month. CAs should expect to work an average of 19 hours per week. This may increase during peak periods. Positions are expected to be available for the period of May 20, 2011 through mid/end of August 2011. A room in a designated residence hall and meal plan (while DHFS food service venues are operating) are provided and required. Arrangements for housing beyond period of appointment through end of summer school can be arranged if facilities are available. Conference Assistants may enroll in summer school for a maximum of 6 semester hours per 6-week session. CAs who will be RAs in Fall 2011 may not take classes during session two of summer school due to Fall RA Training commitments.

Summer Clerical Work: Full-time & Part-time Positions

Full-time summer clericals work 35 - 40 hour per week (M-F). Full-time positions are available to any student who is NOT enrolled in summer classes. We have several part-time clerical positions available for students who will be enrolled in summer classes. Part-time clericals will work approximately 19 hours per week, mostly in the evenings and on weekends. Clerical Assistant positions DO NOT include housing.

The University of Texas at Austin is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, citizenship status, Vietnam era or special disabled veteran's status, or sexual orientation. Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, disability accommodations will be provided, as needed.

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