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Frequently Asked Questions for Current Employees



  • Can you verify employment?
    • Agencies looking to verify employment can be redirected to the Human Resource Service Center (HRSC) at 512-471-HRSC or 512-471-4772.
    • If an employee needs a form filled out verifying employment for a government agency such as the Housing Authority or Health and Human Services, Percy or Arthur would be best suited to assist this person.
  • When do I get paid?
    • Hourly paid employees (part time and full time) are paid semi-monthly. Their check is usually released 7 days after the 15th and last day of the month. Exact check release dates can be found on the Payroll Services website:
    • Monthly paid employees (full time) receive their payment on the 1st working day of the month for the previous month!&s work.
  • How do I get direct deposit?
    • Direct deposit can be selected as the paycheck distribution method at anytime via an employee!&s online Paycheck Profile (PO-8) using their EID and password. After selecting direct deposit, the employee will need to update their bank information in the Bank Info section of the PO-8. The employee will need their account number and routing number to successfully get their payments via direct deposit.
  • Where is my check?
    • Often times, people with other jobs at UT will receive their compensation in one bundled check, which has proved to be confusing for some. If the employee has not (or feels they have not) received their check, we can see what happened to the check.
  • Where can I get my pay stub?
  • Why do I have to pick up my check if I selected Direct Deposit?
    • Sometimes, even though an employee has selected direct deposit as their paycheck distribution method, an employee will have to pick their check up in the Payroll office for various reasons:
      • I-9 status was updated after the check release
      • The bank account number entered in the PO-8 is not valid
      • An emergency check was requested and approved
  • How may I correct my erroneous time record?
    • If an employee disagrees with his/her time record, they will need to discuss this matter with their supervisor. If a change to the record is deemed necessary, the TimePro correction section of the signature sheet will need to be filled out and signed by both.
  • Where can I find my W-2 form?
    • Current Employees
      • Employees can claim their W-2 form (when released) online here: If the employee decides to go this route, he/she will not have a hard copy sent to them from the university.
      • If by a set time an employee has not electronically claimed their W-2, the university will mail out hard copies through campus mail. After the hard copy has been sent out, an employee may still access their W-2 online.
    • Previous Employees
      • People who are no longer employed with the university will have their W-2 form mailed to their permanent address on record by the university. If they failed to receive their form, they may request another at the Payroll Office.


  • How much leave do I have?
    • Employees should direct this question to their supervisors.


  • Why do we complete exit interviews?
    • To capture ideas for improvement and provide a positive interaction with departing employees. Goal is to utilize results to identify trends and develop plans to reduce turnover, improve moral and retention, and encourage possible future return to the organization.
  • Is everything revealed in an exit interview confidential?
    • To capture ideas for improvement and provide a positive interaction with departing employees. Goal is to utilize results to identify trends and develop plans to reduce turnover, improve moral and retention, and encourage possible future return to the organization.
  • Who should complete an exit interview?
    • Exit interviews are utilized for employees in a benefit status position, and most in a non-benefit status position. They are not utilized for students or involuntarily terminated employees.
  • If a student or involuntarily terminated employee requests to complete an exit interview, what should I do?
    • Partner with the HR Manager for DHFS. In most cases, if a request is made, the employee will be given the opportunity to participate.
  • Are employees required to complete the exit interview?
    • No. The exit interview is completely voluntary.
  • Are employees required to complete the exit interview?
    • No. The employee can choose to fill out all or only parts of the interview form.
  • Do I pay the employee to complete the interview?
    • If the employee is still working, yes. You should set aside some time for the employee to complete the interview during their work hours.
    • If the employee has already worked their last day, an exit interview will be mailed to them, and they will not be compensated for that time.
  • What methods are in place to complete the exit interview?
    • The employee can choose from the following: online (preferred), paper copy, face to face, or on the phone.
  • Should the employee be left alone to fill out the interview?
    • The employee should be given a private, quiet space to fill out the interview. The interview should be completed solely by the exiting employee, and not as a group effort with others.
  • Who will conduct the exit interview?
    • The HR Manager or delegate will conduct all face to face and phone interviews. The supervisor should not conduct exit interviews. The delegate is determined by the HR Manager.
  • How long will it take to get the results of the interview?
    • The HR Manager will run trend reports twice annually in February and August, and will communicate the results at that time. If there are concerns or investigations that need to be addressed immediately, the HR Manager will contact the appropriate individuals within 72 hours of receiving the interview results.
  • How is the HR Manager notified that an exit interview needs to be completed?
    • When an employee gives their notice, the supervisor should immediately have them fill out the separation form and the exit interview method form (both forms must be forwarded within 24 hours of receiving notice to the HR office for DHFS). Following this, the supervisor will immediately submit a personnel ticket with the following information:
      • Name of employee/EID
      • Reason for leaving
      • Estimated last day of work
      • Preferred method for exit interview (include phone number/email/Current mailing address
  • Why do I need to complete a ticket if I am going to forward the separation form to the HR Office?
    • There is a delay in receiving forms to our office due to many different situations. The ticket is a quick and effective way to get the process started since the window for completion is tight.
  • What if the employee has already worked their last day (i.e. did not give notice, but just stopped showing up)?
    • Complete the separation form and submit a ticket to personnel. The HR Manager will send a hard copy/email to the employee to request that they participate in the exit interview process.


  • Can an employee start work if they have not provided the appropriate identification to the HR Office for I-9 reasons.
    • An employee should not be allowed to start work prior to providing the appropriate identification directly to HR. If an employee does start work, however, they must provide the documents to HR within 3 business days, or they will be placed on leave without pay until the documents are provided. If an employee does not submit the appropriate documents within 6 weeks, they may be administratively terminated.
  • What if an employee does not have the documents needed for I-9 verification?
    • If employees are authorized to work in the United States, but are unable to present the required document(s) within three business days, they must present a receipt for the application of the document(s) within three business days and the actual document(s) within ninety (90) days. After this time frame, employees may be administratively terminated.
  • Why do employees have to provide identification?
    • The Department of Homeland Security requires that each new employee (both citizen and non-citizen) hired after November 6, 1986, provide a form I-9 and supporting identification to show authorization to work in the United States. The Division and the University can face hefty fines and penalties for not following this law.
  • Can an employee submit expired documents for verification before they receive new documents?
    • No. All documents must be current.
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