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What is the DHFS Leadership Institute?DHFS Leadership Institute icon

The DHFS Leadership Institute (DLI) provides relevant and challenging leadership development opportunities for supervisors and emerging leaders. The DLI's vision is to develop strong, diverse, departmental and organizational leaders that represent excellence in performance and achievement.

What are the DHFS Leadership Institute requirements?

DLI participants are required to complete two papers (the Reflective Paper is not required for Emerging Leaders) and to obtain 25 hours of leadership credit.

  1. Phase One of the DLI begins upon completion of the probationary period. A Leadership Essay is due at your first annual evaluation that describes your leadership style. The essay is a minimum of 500 words and it may be completed and submitted prior to the annual evaluation. The annual evaluation date is determined by supervisor.
  2. Phase Two of the DLI begins upon completion of your first annual evaluation. This phase requires a Reflective Paper be written that describes the strengths and weaknesses of your leadership style. The Reflection Paper is due on, or prior to your next annual evaluation. Upon completion of the Reflection Paper, you will have the option to attend Covey 360 training, or meet with a personal coach. Phase Two is not required for Emerging Leaders.

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    The following will be used to prepare the Reflective Paper:

    • Describe your leadership strengths and weaknesses.
    • How will you balance your leadership strengths and weaknesses to improve your leadership style?
    • Describe an experience that you were challenged to address as a leader and lesson(s) learned from this experience.
    • Describe a situation that you were comfortable handling as a leader.
    • Describe your level of comfort in leading difficult conversations.
    • List your professional development goals and your plan to accomplish these goals.
    • List resources needed to improve your leadership style and assistance needed.
    • How has your leadership style improved since submitting your Leadership Style Essay
    • Rate your ability to perform the following competencies:
      Awareness 1 ?? Can Perform 2 ?? Can Coach 3

      Clearly and comfortably delegate both routine and important tasks and decisions. _____

      Take appropriate steps to document and respond to positive and negative work behaviors.____

      Foster a common vision for team members.____

  3. As of May 2014, completion of the DLI program is required for all DHFS Supervisors and is voluntary for Emerging Leaders. Supervisors must complete a minimum of eight hours of leadership credit per annual evaluation year until they meet the requirements for graduation. Graduation must be completed within 3 annual evaluation years. The Leadership Institute provides supervisors the opportunity to attend on-site supervisor development training and earn credit toward a DHFS Leadership Institute Medallion and Certificate. Participation in this element of the DLI will provide participants an opportunity to interact with other supervisors and leaders in different training settings. However, participants may obtain leadership credit through outside activities and/or events. Please see below for further information on how to obtain leadership credit. Upon confirmed completion of the 25 leadership credit hours, participation in the DLI graduation ceremony will be granted.

How to obtain leadership credit?*

Once participants are enrolled in the DLI, they will be entered into a separate database. Individual leadership reports will be emailed on a monthly basis. A Training Passport is provided as a tool to assist participants in tracking hours. The maximum credit allowed for any leadership training is two hours per session.

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DLI Education Hour Guidelines.

  1. Leadership programs sponsored by ODD (those listed in TXClass, under the HF5XXX prefix) do not require participants to complete a Leadership Credit Form . A sign-in roster is available at each leadership session and will serve as a record of attendance.
  2. To obtain credit for non-ODD sponsored opportunities (classes not listed in TXClass) and Supervisors Meeting presentations, a completed Leadership Credit Form must be submitted to Philemon Brown, Senior Program Coordinator for Diversity and Development. No separate TXClass numbers will be assigned for non-ODD sponsored leadership programs/activities.

How may I receive DLI credit for participating in certificate programs through Career Smart?

The University offers certificate programs through Career Smart. These sessions include Management Essentials, Managing Beyond the Basics, and Essentials for Developing Excellence.

A maximum credit of two hours will be awarded for each completed session of the Career Smart Curriculum. A completed Leadership Credit Form is required to receive credit.

Can I obtain leadership credit for presentations that occur during monthly supervisors meetings?

DLI leadership credit is available for leadership presentations that take place during the monthly supervisors meeting. To receive the credit, you must complete and submit the Leadership Credit Form to Philemon Brown, Senior Program Coordinator.

Emerging Leader

What is an Emerging Leader?

An Emerging Leader is a non-supervisory staff member who self-elects to participate in the DLI.

How does an Emerging Leader participate in the DLI?

  1. Prospective Emerging Leaders must complete an essay that describes their personal leadership style and values, and identify areas of desired improvement. The essay must be a minimum of 500 words and must be submitted to your supervisor for review, prior to submitting to Philemon Brown, Senior Program Coordinator.
  2. Upon completion of the essay, you will be identified as an Emerging Leader and be eligible to participate in sessions offered through the DLI. Attendance in DLI sessions must be coordinated with your respective supervisor.
  3. Check the "how to obtain leadership credit"* section for further information about receiving credit for training.

For additional information contact Philemon Brown 232-2516 or .

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