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checking in conference attendees

Summer Conference Services

From late May through mid-August, we open up our residence halls to allow University and University co-sponsored groups and organizations stay with us overnight and eat in our dining facilities. Our residence halls are well-maintained, conveniently located and, most importantly, affordable. Whether your group needs housing and dining for 10 people or 1000, we can accommodate you.

When planning a conference with the Division of Housing and Food Service (DHFS), we hope to make the process as straight-forward as possible. We will work with you to accommodate your housing, dining and meeting space needs as well as helping you through the reservation, check-in, departure and billing process. If at any point you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Conference Services Office.

Conference Reservation Timeline

A comprehensive timeline of everything that needs to be completed, submitted or sent to the Conference Services office can be found here. Please review it along with the information below.

Conference Reservation Request Forms are due annually no later than February 1 for priority consideration.

Planning a Conference

Submit a summer Conference Reservation Request form to the Conference Services Office in order to reserve space. The Conference Reservation Request form must be received before space can be confirmed. For priority consideration of available space, request forms must be submitted before February 1. A detailed timeline of all items due to Conference Services can be found here.

- University Sponsorship

Use of University facilities by outside groups requires institutional sponsorship; University policy delegates this authority to executive officers and deans. The conference group is responsible for securing a University sponsor.

Before any conference arrangements can be confirmed, the summer Conference Reservation Request form must be submitted with the sponsorship signature of a University of Texas at Austin Vice-President or Dean.

- Rates

Services are offered as a package rate that includes room and meals for the full conference period, plus sales tax (currently 8.25%) on meals if applicable. A completed summer Conference Reservation Request form must be submitted before rates for a specific conference will be confirmed.

Rates vary based on the type of room accommodation, room services, meal service, length of stay and size of the group. No refunds are made for late arrival, early departure, missed meals or unused dining balances.

- Participant Registration

The conference organizer (you) is responsible for sending housing information to individual participants and should coordinate closely with the Conference Services Office on the content and distribution of housing information.

Receipt and confirmation of individual room reservations may be handled either by the conference organizer (you) or by the Conference Services Office. If participants are to be assigned by the conference group, assignments must be submitted to the Conference Services Office no later than three days prior to arrival. Reservations handled by DHFS are honored by date of receipt, and reservations are confirmed if received two weeks in advance of the conference.

We will try to accommodate reservations received after the deadline, but no space will be held beyond that date. Unless guaranteed, rooms are available for single occupancy on a space available basis only.

- Check-In

When you request space you will need to establish a specific time range for check-in. You must request any changes to the check-in range at least two weeks before the conference.

You (the conference organizer) should plan to be at the check-in area prior to the scheduled start of check-in. If you need tables provided for your conference registration during the check-in period, submit your set-up request two weeks in advance of the conference. You will need to provide any signs needed for your registration area. Other conferences may be checking in at the same time as your group.

Housing check-in will be handled by conference housing staff. At check-in, each participant will be issued a room key, conference ID card and access code. Housing staff will explain the access code and any other housing questions. Once check-in is completed, an assigned staff member will review the roster of your participants to check for no-shows or cancellations

- Check-Out

To check-out, participants drop off their keys at a designated area, typically the residence hall front desk. Unless other arrangements have been approved, all participants will be expected to check-out of their rooms by 12:00 p.m. Any changes to the confirmed check-out time must be requested at least two weeks in advance of the conference. At the conclusion of the check-out period, all keys issued to the participants in your conference are audited. Any missing, lost or damaged keys are then submitted for a lock change, with the charge assessed to the participant assigned that key. These charges are then included on the final billing.

Reservation Request Form

Ready to reserve? Complete your Reservation Request Form and send it to us no later than February 1.

This form is an interactive PDF form. Please fill out the form on-line, print it and then press the "Submit Request" button on the form. By submitting the request, DHFS can start processing the request. You will also need to sign the printed copy and email to or fax - (512)475-6532.

checking in conference attendees

DHFS Services and Policies

Food Service

Meal Services are offered as an option for your guests staying on campus or visiting for the day. Meal plans are flexible in terms of location and pricing. We offer both buffet facilities and a la carte dining.

There is no credit for missed meals or unused dining balances. Any changes to your conference meal plan must be requested at least two weeks in advance of the conference.

- Guest Meals

Guest meals are available for conference participants who are not housed on campus. Guest meals should be requested at least two weeks in advance of the conference. The conference organizer is responsible for all guest meal cards issued. Charges for guest meals will be included in final billing. Individuals may also purchase guest meals at the entrance to their designated dining locations with cash, credit or debit cards.

- Catering

A wide variety of catering options including refreshments, receptions, picnics and buffet meals are available through our Food Service. Our catering menu can be found here. We also take special requests into consideration. All catered functions will be billed based on a guarantee number. Requests for catered functions, including the guarantee number, must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the conference.

Minor adjustments to the guarantee number may be made two days before the event. If a catered event is held outside of our facilities, or extends beyond the scheduled time, there may be additional charges. Although the Conference Service office is available to discuss recommended amounts, the conference organizer (you) is responsible for establishing the guarantee number and item amounts for all catered events.

About Our Halls

Our overnight accommodations are furnished with two twin beds, two desks, two chairs, a closet and a combo microwave-refrigerator. While some rooms feature private or connecting bathrooms, in most of our residential halls shared bathrooms are located along the hallway. Our halls are located in two distinct areas of campus, commonly referred to as North Campus and South Campus. A 24-hr desk is operated in each area to address all guest needs. Meeting space is also available in some areas.

- 24-Hour Desks

The Jester West and Kinsolving desks serve as headquarters for housing and meal information for all conferences and are staffed 24 hours a day. Questions and concerns regarding conference housing accommodations, meal service, incoming mail and lost and found articles may be directed to our staff at the desks. Any maintenance or housekeeping concerns may also be reported to the desk staff.

If your group will be on campus for a lengthy stay, conferees may wish to receive mail during the visit. Please advise senders to use the following address information:

For Jester West:
Guest Name
c/o Conference Name
201 East 21st Street
Austin, TX 78705

- Building Security

The residence halls are equipped with a secure access system. At housing check-in, participants will be issued a five-digit code which will allow access onto the floor assigned to your conference.

- Public Areas

There are some areas available for use by all conference participants, including lounges and lobbies. These areas are meant to be enjoyed by all the conference groups, and therefore are not available for reservations. Your group is welcome to use these areas. Please respect the rights of other conference groups to use these areas as well.

- Meeting Rooms

Jester Center has several lounges, classrooms and an auditorium that seats 400. San Jacinto Hall has a 300 person capacity multi-purpose room and other meeting facilities for adult residential groups. Charges are made for rooms that are specially equipped in Jester and for all meeting rooms in San Jacinto Hall. Charges are made for special setup of furniture and equipment and for other building services. Request all meeting room and equipment needs through the Conference Coordinator as early as possible, as availability is limited.

More information about use of San Jacinto Hall meeting space can be found here.

Audio-visual support for the Jester Auditorium and other classrooms on campus is available via the a/v console in each room or from Media Services. Any equipment that will require the presence of a technician must be requested at least two weeks prior to the conference. All charges related to this service will be billed directly to the conference, including technician charges, set-up and break-down time, and any overhead charges.

- Emergency Procedures

If a conference participant must leave early due to medical or family emergency, contact the Conference Coordinator with the information on the same or the next business day. Reduced charges for emergency departures are considered on a case-by-case basis. Turning in a room key does not constitute notification of emergency departure.

- Telephones

Telephones are not provided in individual sleeping rooms. Telephone messages may be left for South Campus guests by calling 512-471-3944 (Jester West Desk) and for North Campus guests by calling 512-232-4233 (Duren Hall Desk). Messages are relayed to conference coordinators for distribution to guests as needed. Telephone calls to on-campus locations may be placed from house phones in the lobby.


Payment for any and all conference services are made by one of the three methods below. Any questions or concerns regarding payment should be discussed with the Conference Service Office at the time reservations are made. Any questions regarding the final billing statement should be communicated to our office allowing sufficient time to meet the original stated due date. Failure to pay on time may result in referral of your account for collection with an added assessment of 33 percent of the housing and dining total. Returned checks will be assessed a $25 fee by the University.

- Individual Payment

Participants register for housing and meals as individuals. The Division of Housing and Food Service processes registrations and payments, and sends confirmation for reservation requests received at least two weeks prior to the conference. Full payment is made by individuals at time of reservation. A processing fee of $50 is charged for cancellations or no-shows. Any charges for the conference beyond individual housing registrations (i.e. damages, catering, a/v technician) will be billed to the conference.

- Central Billing

Conference organizer (you) pays all conference charges by check or credit card (American Express, Discover, Visa, or MasterCard). A statement is sent to the conference organizer within 5 business days of the conference check-out date. Payment is due 5 business days from the statement date. Payments not received by the due date are subject to late payment and collection fees. An advance payment schedule is required for new and co-sponsored conferences.

- Transfer of Funds

Conference charges are paid by transfer of funds from a University account. Charges are processed within 5 business days of the conference check-out date. Charges are posted to the account number given by the conference organizer. The account number must be valid for the type of charges to be made to it, and the account active and with sufficient funds to cover your conference charges. We will verify this account information before we send a statement.

Campus Services

Non-DHFS Services

- Internet Access

Conference coordinators (you) can acquire internet access for all of their participants by contacting the University of Texas department that is sponsoring the conference. The sponsoring department will then contact the University of Texas campus store to acquire access codes for the conference.

Conference attendees can also purchase internet access individually by connecting their device to the AT&T Wi-Fi network in the residence halls and following the directions presented on their web browser. More information about this can be found at

For any remaining questions about wireless internet access at The University of Texas, please contact the AT&T helpline at 877-929-7678 or email

- Parking

If you want parking on campus, coordinate with the Event Parking Coordinator at least two weeks before the conference at Participants who want to park on campus may be assigned to the garage south of Jester (BRG), the garage at MLK and Trinity (TRG) or the garage east of the stadium (MAG). Garages use a ?Pay on Foot? system. Drivers collect a ticket as they enter. When ready to depart, they pay at a centrally located cashier before returning to the car. After the ticket is validated, the driver has approximately 20 minutes to retrieve the vehicle and exit the garage, using the validated ticket. The charge per day is $18.

UT disabled permits are required weekdays from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and on weekends.

Brazos Garage - Hours and information for the closest pay-garage to San Jacinto Residence Hall. Somehow we need the link to the rates.

Event Parking Request - If you plan to bring guests from off-campus, we advise you to submit an event parking reserve space for your group.

- Recreational Facilities

Contact the Conference Coordinator if you want to arrange an event for your conference at one of the Recreational Sports facilities on campus. Availability of UT RecSports facilities is very limited. Requests for use of the facilities should be submitted as early in the conference planning process as possible. UT RecSports staff determines approval of all requests, subject to scheduling priority. Individual usage of facilities during regular building hours may be arranged. Usage fees for individuals is $10/day or $40/5 days . Requests for use of sport and recreation facilities for conference participants must be submitted at least two weeks in advance to be considered by UT RecSports staff.

- University Health Services

University Health Services can provide medical services for non-life threatening illness or injuries to conference participants on a contractual basis with individual programs. Each program must be sponsored by a UT-Austin department, and a valid UT-Austin account number must be provided on the contract between the program and UHS. There are charges for services provided at UHS. A specific UHS signed parental release form is required for treatment of minors. This consent form also requires a signed confirmation that the parent/guardian has read the UHS Notice of Privacy Practices. Both forms are available in both physical and electronic forms. Conference organizers are responsible for distribution of forms to and collection of forms from parents/guardians. Contact Sherry Bell at or 512-415-8458.

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